Apparently that Queer Bank Has Ties to an Anti-Trans PAC?

· Updated on October 11, 2021

This article has been updated.

Since the unveiling of Daylight Bank a few days ago on Twitter, the trans and queer community have been mercilessly taking the ad apart for its perceived pandering posture. At first, people were simply pissed that the bank was using social justice rhetoric to bring in a queer audience. Then, this afternoon, an interesting factoid surfaced which painted Daylight Bank in a more obviously sinister light. 

Before this point, people were simply pissed at the advertising. A queer bank that banks queerly? Ok, sure! Whatever the fuck that means!

At first, it was all jokes.

Then, the Discourse began:

Daylight Bank even tried to chime in. Mistake!

And while everybody’s points were decidedly good ones, it’s clear that the most damning part of all this is the fact that Daylight Bank is funded partly by MetaBank, who donated thousands of dollars to anti-trans politicians last year. Daylight still claims, however, in their “why you need a queer bank” FAQ section, that you might not know which of the large banks are giving your money to anti-trans causes and therefore should use Daylight. So yeah, that was a bad move for sure. According to journalist Jes Skolnik, the information is quite easily searchable as well, so there’s no (believable) way this queer-owned company couldn’t have known about this.

The drama is newly unfolding by the minute, with the founders deleting threads and going radio silent. 

All we can say is 👀 👀 👀

Update: Daylight Bank issued an updated statement in September: 

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