Cardi B Performed ‘Bad Romance’ in High School and it's Adorable

It’s been a huge week for Cardi B, arguably the biggest of her career. She guest co-hosted The Tonight Show, and according to Billboard, her debut album Invasion of Privacy set a record for the most streamed album by a female rapper in one week on Apple Music.

In addition, something even more important happened this week: A video of Cardi singing “Bad Romance” in high school has surfaced.

The video is a bit shaky and low quality, but there are certain elements that are definitively Cardi most notably, her voice. Cardi B has probably the most distinct voice in Hollywood right now, so that was a dead giveaway. Second, even in high school, Cardi has a pretty good strut in heels.

Lady Gaga came across the video and quote tweeted it with “I LIVE.” It’s always nice to see our female artists supporting each other. It’s also cool to see that Cardi was always interested in performing and through the internet, she was able to do that.

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