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It’s Montero Day, and Everyone’s Showing Lil Nas X Some Love

Today is the day: His Majesty Lil Nas X has brought tiny baby Montero to term at last.

So far, the reception has been good. That’s an understatement: the people who love “Montero” really love it. And the people who don’t, well. They don’t exist. Or at least, we refuse to acknowledge them.

Those who choose to dislike “Montero” are clearly homophobic. They just don’t want the gay taking over their body.

Even the homophobes can’t deny this shit slaps:

It’s giving us bops upon bops upon bops:

It’s bringing out the best in each and every Gay:

“Montero” is a movement. Get with it or go home!

Even the Queen Mother herself gave Lil Nas X her blessing!

It’s converting the girls:

It’s got Lizzo pissing, shitting and cumming. At the same time?

Chloe Bailey is simply proud, and so are we:

We’re all just grateful for a crumb of beauty in this insane year:

We laughed, we cried, WE KVELLED

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