A Necessary Update on Ezra Miller’s Feet

· Updated on May 28, 2018

If you don’t know Ezra Miller, he’s a cute, out queer actor who is the subject of much internet thirst. But, almost no conversation on Miller, and the thirst for him, is complete without talk of his feet.

The conversation started in 2015 when Paper magazine featured him in an interview and spread that included a picture that gave a lot of people pause.

These are the only photo of Miller’s toes on the internet that seem to feature them looking as such, which begs the question whether they were stylized a certain way or not. But, I’m here to update you all that, in his latest shoot and profile for Shortlist, where he talked about being told not to come out as queer, his feet have made a comeback and they look perfectly great!

I guess the point is feet are feet and you take them or leave them and if they’re attached to Ezra Miller, or anyone you love, it’s fine?

And there’s your update.

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