A Party Called BUBBLES: Images From a Night With Princess Vitarah

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Beyond the veil of more obvious Los Angeles queer nightlife lies a world doused in fashion, artand bubbles. First of its kind, a party called BUBBLES arrived on the scene over the weekend and she came equipped with, you guessed it, bubbles and bubble tea.

Her chic vodka-infused boba brought all of fashion’s it boys and girls to the yard, including models Sylvia Anne and Tzef Montana (who brought their mom), and even a performance by Nigerian rapper Princess Vitarah, whose neon orange puft jacket perfectly complemented her lyrics about dusty cheeto before she stripped into her full lingerie fantasy and ascended as a higher being.

In today’s anxious and uncertain times, we as a community must not only occupy queer space but also ensure that the word “queer” is synonymous with safe. The team at BUBBLES set out to create such a space and succeeded.

Check out BUBBLES below, and for more photos followBOY CHOY.

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