You Absolutely Won’t Be Able To Stop Watching People Trip Into These Dips

· Updated on March 23, 2023

Finally, the term “Death Drop” might have found some actual meaning in ballroom.

A trend has begun to arise from TikTok, courtesy of the icon behind the @BestofVogue account, featuring videos of people about to trip and fall — very hard, in most cases — being seamlessly combined with footage of ballroom performers, just as they are doing a dip (which, although RuPaul’s Drag Race has long confused people over it, is the correct term for what is popularly known as “Death drop”) and the final result: a person’s likely most embarrassing moment being transformed into crowd-stunning shows.

And it… is… beautiful.

I mean, just see them for yourselves.


I’VE BEEN HOLLERING AT THIS FOR MINUTES NOW😭 This transition is SENDING ME🤣🤏🏽 💡@abudamas ##voguing ##voguedance ##ballroomscene ##funny

♬ original sound – Best of Vogue™

If you’ve ever fallen on video before, you better make sure it doesn’t see the light of day.

You may be next!


10s ACROSS THE BOARD💅🏽😭 YALL asked for it, HERE IT IS💜💀 I’ve been HOLLERING for a MOMENT NOW😂 ##voguing ##voguedance ##ballroomscene ##dancer

♬ original sound – Best of Vogue™

As one commenter said under this TikTok, all of these videos deserve “10’s across the board for editing.”


AND THATS🤏🏽on trans-ition💀😭 Next time y’all imitate my art💜 at least do it right.💃🏽@bosskokosss 📹 @jjhb10 ##voguing ##voguedance ##ballroomscene

♬ original sound – Best of Vogue™

America’s Funniest Home Videos needs to call the people making these videos. I need a whole season just of this.

Here’s a compilation of the best of… @BestofVogue’s best trip-dip edits.


HOLLERING-SCREAMING🗣AT EACH DIP😭 I’m still in TEARS at the “Let’s goo” PART💀🤣 ##voguing ##voguedance ##ballroomscene ##fall

♬ original sound – Best of Vogue™

You’ll likely see this across your feed on one of the social media apps soon, if you haven’t already.

It may have different music or something else to obscure the originator of the trend. Remember, @BestofVogue did it first, and best.

Speaking of remember… don’t forget that in ballroom:

And if you haven’t, check out @BestofVogue on TikTok and other platforms.

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