Adam Rippon Says He’s Been Rehearsing with Val Chmerkovskiy Behind-the-Scenes on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Dancing with the Stars: Athletes should probably be renamed Dancing with the Stars: Adam and Mirai because it’s pretty clear that they’re the main characters of this story. The two best friends are destroying the competition and making excellent TV in the process.

Both Adam and Mirai are also on tour with Stars on Ice. The two are traveling to three to four cities every weekend and their dance partners are flying with them in order to actually have time to rehearse.

With his busy schedule, Adam said he wasn’t feeling as confident this week. You wouldn’t know from watching Adam and Jenna’s quickstep dance, though, because every stepand there were manylooked perfect. Surprising no one, the pair got a 37 out of 40.

Earlier this week, Rippon spoke with TV Insider about the possibility of the show implementing same-sex partner pairings in the future.

“It’d be so cool,” Rippon said. “I’m so lucky now that I get to learn how to dance with Jenna. I’ve actually gotten to dance with [Jenna’s boyfriend and fellow DWTS dancer] Val a little bit. We’ve had a few times where Val’s tour and our traveling schedule have matched up. He’s been really helpful to me. Now that I have the skills, I’m going to dance literally with everybody and anybody!”

Rippon also told reporters that his boyfriend, Jussi-Pekka Kajaala, is moving to L.A. and they plan on hitting the town with Jenna and Val.

“He’s coming as soon as the show is over, and he’s kicking himself,” Rippon said. “We promised each other we’d do a double date right when he gets here.”

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