Aja Continues a Hot Streak with Rap Single ‘Art Jesus’

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Releasing a single — or an album — has become par for the course for many Drag Race alums. But, as of late, Aja’s music has been noticeably different from the offerings released by the majority of their counterpart queens.

Aja released another single, the follow-up to her October bop “Demons, Witches and Bitches” featuring The Vixen, and it’s another winner. The more music Aja releases, the more comfortable they sound as an MC.

The song, “Art Jesus,” is a spiritual successor to “Art God,” a track off of her previous EP, In My Feelings.

Aja spoke about the impetus behind “Art Jesus” in a statement.

“In the intro of ‘Art Jesus,’ I start off by saying – I know you want me to apologize and conform. Stop acting like you want the best for me because you want the best for you,” the Drag Race season 9 and All Stars 3 contestant said. “People have taken all my words this year and twisted them around and made me out to be a villain on many occasions when in reality I’ve never wanted anything but the best for people period. I don’t have time for people’s interpretations of what I am saying. A simple question will get a response. I have nothing else to lose. I’m ready to dive into the battle and go full force.”

Upon the release of Aja’s previous single, Vibe called the Drag Race alum the hip hop world’s “first openly queer artist with a star bright enough to burn through gender or sexual stigma” and Aja also believes it is their job to make the music industry a more welcoming place to artists who are not inside the binary.

“Being in a world that’s obsessed with conformity, I have found myself at many times in life trying to be something I’m not and not being authentic to myself,” they said. “Now I’m not afraid to be myself. I want people to know they shouldn’t be afraid to be themselves, even if it’s not popular. As long as nobody is getting hurt, people should be able to express who they are.”

You can check out the single on Apple Music.

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