Alex Jones Comes Quickly to Defend Trump’s D

· Updated on May 28, 2018

If there’s one thing that’s been taking up too much room in the current news cycle, it’s oblique references to Donald Trump’s genitals. On Tuesday night, Trump tweeted about the size of his nuclear button in a way that would force Freud to massage his temples.

But there was one person who felt the references to Trump’s naughty bits were a bit *too* oblique: Alex Jones. In fact, he’s had it up to *points to hip* here!

On the Wednesday episode of The Alex Jones Show, Jones defended the size of the president’s penisyes, I’m typing this sentencefrom attacks in the *Sarah Palin voice* liberal media.

Jones said:

“Now the media went into conniption fits and the headlines from MSNBC are Trump’s sexual obsessions may destroy the earth. They’re the ones saying hey we got a bigger nuclear button than you, we got a bigger arsenal, more powerful, and it works. Nothing to do with the media trying to say the president has small genitals. And by the way he doesn’t even have small hands, and by the way that’s a cliche, and a wives’ tale, and not even true as well. Medical doctors will tell you it’s the feet size. But the point is that it’s more comparable. And that’s not even an exact metric.”

There’s a lot to unpack here! But, Jones really wants you to know that hands are the wrong penis-size-guessing metric! It’s definitely feet!

By the way, one 2002 scientific study disproved this theory.

I wouldn’t expect Alex Jones to have a good scientific grasp on anything given how he’s shown over and over again that he and science go together like oil and water.

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