An Encyclopedia of All 271 RuPuns From ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’

· Updated on May 28, 2018

No modern RuPaul’s Drag Race episode would be complete without one. No, we’re not talking about a wig reveal, or a jaw-dropping runway segment, or a great challenge, though those are all important, too. We’re talking about the perfectly crafted, wit-first, signature RuPun.

You know the puns we’re talking about. When the Drag Race queens are assembled on-stage, and RuPaul is delivering her decisions, she summarizes the judges feedback and does it all with a joke. “Impersonating Beyoncé is not your destiny, child.” “You gave us Fifty Shades of Grey Gardens.” They’re so ubiquitous that Trixie Mattel has made a minor cottage industry off making up her own.

In honor of the season 10 premiere, we’ve compiled every RuPun that the host has ever said across 12 seasons of the show and All Stars. Think of this as an encyclopedia of every reference, play-on-words, and jokes your one-stop shop for every gag and giggle. Here they are; all 271 of them.

Snatch Game riffs

Thanks to plenty of chances for celebrity puns, Snatch Game tends to be where RuPaul shines. Fun fact: Her Pink-themed evaluation of Morgan McMichaels was one of the very first RuPuns.

“Morgan McMichaels: You were pretty in Pink, but your performance left us a little blue.” (2.04)

“Alexis Mateo: No one, no one, no one, can do Alicia Keys like you.” (3.06)

“Stacy: I had all but given up on you. But you played to your strengths, and you came out on top. Isn’t that Precious?” (3.06)

“Mariah: Your impersonation of Joan Crawford was not Mildred Fierce.” (3.06)

“Delta Work: Your impersonation of Cher didn’t make any of us ‘Believe.’” (3.06)

“Kenya Michaels: Impersonating Beyoncé is not your destiny, child.” (4.5)

“Phi Phi O’Hara: Your Lady Gaga was on the edge of gory.” (4.5)

“Shannel: We didn’t love your Lucy.” (AS1.2)

“Chad: You made it all about Bette.” (AS1.2)

“Alexis: Your Shakira was shaky.” (AS1.2)

“Yara: Your Charo was a real coup a coochie-coup.” (AS1.2)

“Latrice: You didn’t own Oprah.” (AS1.2)

“Jujubee: Your flashy girl from Flushing was fabulous.” (AS1.2)

“Raven: Your Bea Arthur wasn’t golden, girl.” (AS1.2)

“Jinkx Monsoon: You gave us fifty shades of Grey Gardens.” (5.5)

“Lineysha Sparx: As the Queen of Salsa, you lacked spice.” (5.5)

“Ivy Winters: Your Marilyn Monroe was one bland bombshell.” (5.5)

“Detox: Your Kesha was, in a word, blah, blah, blah.” (5.5)

“Milk: Your Julia Child impersonation was half-baked.” (6.5)

“Gia Gunn: As Kim Kardashian, you fell flat on your ass.” (6.5)

“Laganja Estranja: Your Rachel Zoe was so fashion weak. Literally.” (6.5)

“Kennedy Davenport: Great gosh almighty, you rocked the Snatch Game!” (7.7)

“Ginger Minj: Your Adele had us rolling in the aisles.” (7.7)

“Jaidynn Diore Fierce: Your vision of Miss Symoné was not so Raven.” (7.7)

“Miss Fame: Donatella me that was your best celebrity impersonation.” (7.7)

“Robbie Turner: Your runway was a hit, but your Snatch Game was a swing and a miss.” (8.5)

“Cynthia Lee Fontaine: The judges were not bullish on your Sofia Vergara.” (9.6)

“Farrah Moan: Your Gigi was Gorgeous, but your comic timing wasn’t pretty.” (9.6)

Non-Snatch Game celebrity/pop culture jokes

Of course, just because it’s not Snatch Game won’t stop RuPaul from making a pop cultural reference. From Swan Lake to Downton Abbey, no work of art is safe from being RuPunned.

“Sahara Davenport: Your presentation was very Swan Lake. But unfortunately, that story does not have a happy ending.” (2.05)

“Mimi Imfurst: You showed us that big girls do cry.” (3.02)

“India Ferrah: As Khloe Kardashian once said, ‘You can lead a horse to water, but a pencil must be lead.’” (3.05)

“Raja: You were off your game, and your Sister Act was nun the better for it.” (3.12)

“The Princess: Your Waterworld-inspired couture got a little lost at sea. But I’m throwing you a lifeline.” (4.1)

“The Princess: You were channeling Pink, but your performance was beige.” (4.2)

“Dida Ritz: Your Sex and the City couture does not deserve a sequel.” (4.2)

“Madame LaQueer: The judges were Mad About You but not in a good way.” (4.4)

“Serena ChaCha: On the runway, you moved like Jagger. But your red carpet look was coutorture.” (5.1)

“Honey Mahogany: As Diana Ross, we were not Swept Away.” (5.4)

“Jinkx Monsoon: Your Liza-and-Judy-inspired drag took us over the rainbow.” (5.10)

“Kelly Mantle: Your runway look was a little Downton Shabby.” (6.1)

“Adore Delano: Your couture was a Honey of a Boo-Boo.” (6.1)

“Adore Delano: This week, you Pushed It. Real good.” (6.6)

“Katya: Your runway was a Xanadu, but your performance was a Xanadon’t.” (7.2)

“Jasmine Masters: Your Shakespeare performance was a tragedy.” (7.3)

“Kandy Ho: Tonight, you looked like Natalie Wood. But your delivery was a little wooden.” (7.5)

“Pearl: Your dress was not a sight for sore eyes, and your Divine performance was a little BM: barely memorable.” (7.9)

“Violet Chachki: Your ugly dress made us happy, but your Divine performance was kinda crappy.” (7.9)

“Miss Fame: Your ugly dress had too much beauty, and your Divine performance was a real doody.” (7.9)

“Bob the Drag Queen: Your Glinda was not bewitching.” (8.6)

“Chi Chi DeVayne: Your disco Dorothy did not inspire oohs or Oz.” (8.6)

“Alexis Michelle: Your Kris Jenner was spot-on, but your faux fur was a faux-pas.” (9.5)

“Shea Coulee: Girl, your Blac Chyna done broke my internet.” (9.5)

“Nina Bo’Nina Brown: You hit the runway looking like Mary J. Blige. But please girl, ‘No More Drama.’” (9.5)

“Cynthia Lee Fontaine: As Kim Kardashian, you didn’t keep up.” (9.5)

“Farrah Moan: As Kylie, the judges weren’t a sucker for your pucker.” (9.5)

Madonna references

Because of two Madonna look challenges, as well as Ru’s general love of the legendary pop star, Madge comes up plenty on the runway.

“Manila: Your Madonna was a Celebration.” (AS1.2)

“Thorgy Thor: Your Michael Jackson was Off the Wall, and your Madonna look was Something to Remember.” (8.5)

“Bob the Drag Queen: Eyes was Crazy about your Snatch Game! And on the runway, you are one ‘Unapologetic Bitch.’” (8.5)

“Acid Betty: Your runway was an immaculate conception. But your Nancy Grace left us asking, ‘Who’s That Girl?’” (8.5)

“Naomi Smalls: Your runway look was ‘Borderline,’ but your impersonation of New York bordered on New Jersey.” (8.5)

“Alexis Michelle: Your Liza Minnelli left us Breathless.” (9.6)

“Sasha Velour: Your Marlene Dietrich was a ‘Ray of Light.’” (9.6)

“Peppermint: Your Nene was a no-no. You needed better material, girl.” (9.6)

Dad jokes

Sometimes, the dad inside Ru shines through the drag. These are some of the corniest jokes she’s told on the main stage.

“Shangela: I’ve given you a second chance, but your holiday presentation left us a little frosty.” (3.02)

“Raja [dressed as Carrie]: Bloody well done.” (3.08)

“Shangela: You are a sharp queen, but I’m afraid your hairstyles didn’t make the cut.” (3.11)

“Alisa Summers: Your post-apocalyptic showgirl left little to the imagination. But you were not breast in show.” (4.1)

“Phi Phi O’Hara: Your travel dragazine was a real trip, and we’re excited that you keep taking us to new places.” (4.7)

“Roxxxy Andrews: Your portrayal of Tasha Salad was, in a word, shenshational.” (5.3)

“Alaska: Your choice to perform as a boy was a real drag.” (5.3)

“Coco: Your ventriloquist act could’ve been hilarious, but your performance was wooden.” (5.3)

“Darienne Lake: Your comedy queen routine didn’t really shtick with the judges.” (6.4)

“BenDeLaCreme: You are a smart cookie, but tonight, your comedy routine crumbled.” (6.8)

“Darienne Lake: Tonight, the bride wore black. But the judges weren’t raven about it.” (6.10)

“Kandy Ho: You vamped it up on the runway, but you didn’t sink your teeth into the challenge.” (7.6)

“Kimora Blac: The judges were not a fan’a your banana.” (9.3)

“Trinity Taylor: You wished upon a star, fish, and your dreams came true.” (9.3)

“Farrah Moan: I hate to burst your Bubblina, but your blowfish blew.” (9.3)

“Aja: The judges did not lava your storyline.” (9.3)

Runway gags

When all else fails, RuPaul is not above making a joke about a queen’s runway look.

“Manila Luzon: You have a muff to die for.” (3.02)

“Delta Work: Your Boobarella was curvaceous, but your look on the main stage left us flat.” (3.03)

“Delta Work: Your angel cake couture had one too many layers. But the overall effect was heavenly.” (3.07)

“Stacy Layne Matthews: Your red velvet cake was hard to swallow. And not couture.” (3.07)

“Raja: Even though you showed your knickers, the judges couldn’t stop gushing over your chocolate lava couture.” (3.07)

“Carmen Carrera: Your Jersey princess cake couture did not hit the spot.” (3.07)

“Alexis Mateo: You’re a sweet talker, but your cheesecake couture struck a sour note with the judges.” (3.07)

“LaShauwn Beyond: Your post-apocalyptic outfit towered above the other queens’. But your personality fell flat.” (4.1)

“Jiggly Caliente: Your totally toxic photo shoot was winning. But your post-apocalyptic couture was an unnatural disaster.” (4.1)

“Sharon Needles: You killed this bloody challenge, and you really stuck it to the other girls.” (4.1)

“Kenya Michaels: You pummeled the runway. But your firebird didn’t fly with the judges.” (4.1)

“Alaska: You had this challenge in the bag.” (5.1)

“Penny Tration: We love your dangerous curves. But your red carpet couture veered off into the wrong direction.” (5.1)

“Serena: As team leader, you forgot to cover your own ass.” (5.2)

“Coco Montrese: This week, you wore your heart on your sleeve, but your mind got the better of you.” (5.6)

“Jinkx Monsoon: Your look tonight was no joke.” (5.7)

“BenDeLaCreme: You were serving cheesecake, and left us gagging for more.” (6.1)

“Vivacious: Your runway strut was pure vogue. But your outfit was vague.” (6.1)

“Bianca Del Rio: Your couture was a real Maui wowie.” (6.2)

“Courtney Act: Body 10, couture 6.” (6.2)

“Joslyn Fox: Your couture reminds me of a wedding. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Green, yellow, pink, red, chartreuse.” (6.2)

“Magnolia Crawford: Your bovine design was not divine. Where’s the beef?” (6.2)

“Darienne Lake: Your face is painted for the ages. But your rouche looked rushed.” (6.2)

“Tempest DuJour: Your runway presentation left the judges feeling crabby.” (7.1)

“Kandy Ho: Your fashion looks were worn, and your nude illusion was, shall we say, overshadowed.” (7.1)

“Jasmine Masters: Your personality is off the hook, but your runway fashions looked off the rack.” (7.1)

“Jaidynn Diore Fierce: This week, you failed to break out.” (7.6)

“Acid Betty: You put your money where your mouth is. And where your ass is. And where your chest is.” (8.1)

“Kim Chi: Your photo and main stage presentation wigged us out.” (8.1)

“Naysha Lopez: You are gorgeous. But the judges felt shortchanged by your Drag on a Dime.” (8.1)

“Robbie Turner: Your photo was iconic. But on the main stage, you screwed the pooch.” (8.1)

“Laila McQueen: You are an edgy artist. But your photo and your post-apocalyptic couture were not earth-shattering.” (8.1)

“Chi Chi DeVayne: Your runway ouchfit didn’t dominate.” (8.4)

“Chi Chi DeVayne: This week, you shredded the runway.” (8.8)

“Valentina: Your ice princess was totally hot.” (9.3)

“Nina Bo’Nina Brown Abdul Jabbar: Your acting was too tame. And I ain’t lion.” (9.7)

“Trinity Taylor: Your barnyard humor did not make us go, ‘Hay girl, hay.’” (9.8)

“Alexis Michelle: Tonight, you proved it’s not easy being green and comedy is even harder.” (9.8)

Ball lols

If the runway is a well of jokes for RuPaul, a Ball challenge is a veritable cornucopia. Triple the looks means triple the puns.

“Raja: You served three hot looks, and your cotton candy fantasy is truly delicious.” (3.11)

“Alexis Mateo: You are a timeless queen, but some of your hairstyles were a little dated and off the mark.” (3.11)

“Manila: You rocked three very different looks, and your fantasy bee was killer.” (3.11)

“Sharon Needles: You are a lone wolf who barks to the beat of a different drummer. And tonight, you are top dog.” (4.11)

“Chad Michaels: Throughout this competition, you have been a leader of the pack. But tonight, you didn’t leave us begging for more.” (4.11)

“Phi Phi O’Hara: You started out as the runt of this litter. But tonight, you’ve proven you can teach a young dog new tricks.” (4.11)

“Alaska: Your candy couture gave the judges a real sugar rush.” (5.11)

“Adore Delano: Tonight, you had an epiphany. And we had a Ball.” (6.11)

“Darienne Lake: As Marilyn, you poo-poo-pi-dooped. But on the runway, your eleganza just drooped.” (6.11)

“BenDeLaCreme: Your classic DeLa silhouettes didn’t keep the Ball rolling.” (6.11)

“Kennedy Davenport: Your ’round-the-way girl could have used more twirl.” (7.11)

“Violet Chachki: This week, you were a real glamourpuss.” (7.11)

“Ginger Minj: You grabbed a hold of this challenge, and milked it for all it was worth.” (7.11)

“Kim Chi: Your botanical garden trilogy is destined to be a bestseller.” (8.8)

“Sasha Velour: Your three fashion looks really roped us in.” (9.11)

“Shea Coulee: Your three ball looks gagged the judges.” (9.11)

“Alexis Michelle: Your Native American couture left the judges with reservations.” (9.11)

“Trinity Taylor: Your cop rocked, but your other looks weren’t as arresting.” (9.11)

“Peppermint: Your leather queen dominated, but your unicorn and rainbow were a little light in the loafers.” (9.11)

Challenge chuckles

Often, the challenge itself provides the framing for Ru’s puns. It could be a drag-inspired cake, or a political debate performance it’s all fair game for Mother.

“Tatianna: Based on the judges’ feedback, your bride would’ve been left at the altar.” (2.05)

“Mariah: You are a bronze beauty! But your workout performance was pale.” (3.04)

“Manila: Your doll cake was moist, and I want another piece.” (3.07)

“Shangela: You and a sewing machine are a recipe for disaster.” (3.07)

“Shangela: As a post-modern pimp, you bitch-slapped the competition.” (3.08)

“Manila: You made a meal out of this challenge, but it left a bad taste in some of the judges’ mouths.” (3.09)

“Yara Sofia: Your performance was graceful, but your power ballad ran out of gas.” (3.10)

“Raja: The judges OD’d on your punk performance.” (3.10)

“Shangela: Your attempt to explain away your new country look fell on deaf ears.” (3.10)

“Alexis Mateo: Your hip-hop was just too damn strip-hop.” (3.10)

“LaShauwn Beyond: As a wrestler, you were more mumble than rumble.” (4.2)

“Willam: You navigated this challenge beautifully, and we were swept away.” (4.6)

“Jiggly Caliente: Your message was uplifting. But your float left us with a sinking feeling.” (4.6)

“Milan: You set a course for fabulous. But your message got lost at sea.” (4.6)

“Jiggly Caliente: Once again, you left us hungry for more.” (4.7)

“Chad Michaels: You created a candidate with character, and you took the Whig Party back to its roots.” (4.9)

“Sharon Needles: You took your campaign to hell and back, and gave us much more than politics as usual.” (4.9)

“Phi Phi O’Hara: Your politically incorrect politician was polarizing.” (4.9)

“Latrice Royale: Your debating skills were debatable.” (4.9)

“Monica Beverly Hillz: Your kidster character was not after school special.” (5.3)

“Detox: Your Clucky the Cock bl-bl-bl-blaaacked the competition.” (5.3)

“Vivienne Pinay: You are making progress, but this week, it was not measured in leaps and bounds. (5.4)

“Jade Jolie: You light up our lives, but this week, you let the other queens outshine you.” (5.6)

“Alyssa Edwards: Tonight, your punchlines flatlined.” (5.7)

“Alaska: This week, girl, you caused quite a stink.” (5.8)

“Ivy Winters: In your commercial, your Dress Code was not strictly enforced.” (5.8)

“Roxxxy Andrews: Your Thick and Juicy was a bit too loosey-goosey.” (5.8)

“Roxxxy Andrews: As Teresa the virgin, you really gave it up.” (5.9)

“Jinkx Monsoon: This week, you came, you saw, and you came again.” (5.9)

“Alyssa Edwards: Your performance in the telenovela did not have us screaming in ecstasy.” (5.9)

“Coco Montrese: As Hilda the maid, you were a little dusty.” (5.9)

“Detox: As Consuela the maid, you didn’t clean up.” (5.9)

“Darienne Lake: For giving your talking head body and soul, you are the winner of this week’s challenge.” (6.3)

“April Carrion: I hate to rain on your parade, but your screen test was a washout.” (6.3)

“Trinity K. Bonet: Your pageant queen performance was not your crowning glory.” (6.4)

“April Carrion: In the role of the big girl, you may have bitten off more than you could chew.” (6.4)

“Trinity K. Bonet: MC TKB was not a TKO.” (6.6)

“Milk: Your rap and runway look were not MC Supreme.” (6.6)

“Darienne Lake: Your performance as MC Control Top was no rapper’s delight.” (6.6)

“BenDeLaCreme, Darienne Lake: Your kooky cougars got lost in the lipstick jungle.” (6.7)

“Courtney Act, Joslyn Fox: Your hot mamas didn’t bring it home to daddy.” (6.7)

“Bianca Del Rio: Tonight, you didn’t just kill it. You were a mass murderer.” (6.8)

“Courtney Act: As a talk show host, you were unflappable. And on the main stage, you soared.” (6.9)

“Adore Delano: You, my dear, are one wild child. But in this week’s challenge, you were eaten alive.” (6.9)

“Trinity K. Bonet: On the runway, you were a fierce, feathered firebird. Unfortunately, in the talk show, you laid an egg.” (6.9)

“Joslyn Fox: Your runway look was a bungle in a jungle. And in the challenge, you put your high-heeled foot in your mouth.” (6.9)

“Sasha Belle: Your performance was a real departure, but to a destination unknown.” (7.2)

“Ginger Minj: You love to fly, and it shows.” (7.2)

“Miss Fame: In the challenge, you were on automatic pilot. And you never landed it.” (7.2)

“Kennedy Davenport: You were team leader, and heavy is the head that wears the crown.” (7.3)

“Trixie Mattel: You went for the comedy gold, but all we got was bronze.” (7.4)

“Violet Chachki: Your jokes got lost in the shade.” (7.5)

“Mrs. Kasha Davis: Your big opening was a little sloppy.” (7.5)

“Chi Chi DeVayne: Not only did you turn it out, girl, you turned it upside down.” (8.2)

“Laila McQueen: In your performance, you got lost in the din and tonic.” (8.2)

“Kim Chi: In your performance, you put your left foot forward. Both of them.” (8.2)

“Cynthia Lee Fontaine: Your Ginger Snap was loca. But the judges were not crazy about your roller girl.” (8.3)

“Robbie Turner: Your Macaroon was not coconutty enough.” (8.3)

“Derrick Barry: Your Ginger Snap did not snap, crackle, or pop.” (8.3)

“Acid Betty: Your runway look was a bright spot. But in the challenge, you were overshadowed.” (8.4)

“Derrick Barry: You didn’t quite ace your dragometry test.” (8.4)

“Naysha Lopez: In neon, you are radioactive. But your performance was not electrifying.” (8.4)

“Valentina: Your cheer engaged us, and your bridal runway made me say ‘I do.’” (9.2)

“Jaymes Mansfield: On the runway, you gave us bombshell floozy. But your cheer routine was a little too snoozy.” (9.2)

“Charlie Hides: You scored on the runway, but your cheer routine did not meet our squad goals.” (9.2)

“Kimora Blac: In cheer you disappeared, and in white, you got read for being too blue.” (9.2)

“Trinity Taylor: As a morning anchor, you nearly sank your team.” (9.4)

“Charlie Hides: You are a fierce queen, but this week, you put the ain’t in entertaintment.” (9.4)

“Valentina: As Monna Darten the virgin, you really popped.” (9.7)

“Trinity Taylor: As Nelly’s mom, you had it going on.” (9.7)

“Shea Coulee: Making us laugh like you did will never get old.” (9.7)

“Aja: Your bitch was botched.” (9.7)

“Sasha Velour: Your lunch lady left us hungry.” (9.7)

“Nina Bo’Nina Brown: Your skeletal look is killer, but you really boned your pilot.” (9.9)

“Valentina: On the runway, you gave us Spanish fly. But your pilot didn’t land.” (9.9)

Makeover face-cracks

Whenever Ru’s queens have to make over another subject, the results vacillate between the delicious and the disastrous. So, too, do the host’s jokes.

“Alexis Mateo: You were a real player this week, and I thought I was seeing double. Double D.” (3.12)

“Manila: You served up two China dolls, and 20 minutes later, we’re still hungry for more.” (3.12)

“Carmen Carrera: Your look was a home run, but you left your sister sitting on the bench.” (3.12)

“Phi Phi O’Hara: You babied your daddy mama, and carried this challenge to full-term.” (4.10)

“Kenya Michaels: Your daddy mama presentation gave us a case of the baby blues.” (4.10)

“Sharon Needles: You gave your daddy mama a face only a mother could love.” (4.10)

“Latrice Royale: Your daddy mama looked like a sister from another mister.” (4.10)

“Roxxxy Andrews: You set out to turn a salty seaman into your sexy sister. Mission accomplished.” (5.10)

“BenDeLaCreme: You gave Suzette and Amy a wedding they’ll always remember, and you left us tickled pink.” (6.10)

“Adore Delano: Your punk bride gave us a serious case of the wedding bell blues.” (6.10)

“Courtney Act: You made Ree N. Act a blushing bride. But we can’t say yes to her dress.” (6.10)

“Joslyn: You are a foxy drag mama. But your bride’s makeover needed a makeover.” (6.10)

“Jaidynn Diore Fierce: Your disco inferno did not set the judges’ pussies on fire.” (7.8)

“Miss Fame: Your plastic surgery storyline needed work.” (7.8)

“Ginger Minj: You served tatas with hahas, but the execution was wah-wah.” (7.8)

“Naomi Smalls: This week, you spun straw into gold.” (8.6)

“Derrick Barry: Your tin couture was rusted.” (8.6)

“Robbie Turner: This week, you were not queen of the forest.”(8.6)

“Trinity Taylor: You gave us Glittah Fadayz, months, years!” (9.10)

“Nina Bo’Nina Brown: Your bunny looks did not make the judges hoppy.” (9.10)

“Shea Coulee: Your makeover of Bae was not okay.” (9.10)

Butt cracks

Ru loves a big butt. She also loves making a pun out of that butt.

“Detox: You’re safe. But and it’s a big but we expect more from you.” (5.6)

“Joslyn Fox: You are a lovable queen, but and it’s quite an impressive but your punchlines flatlined.” (6.8)

Potpourri puns

If the pun has little to do with anything in particular, you can call it RuPotpourri.

“Pandora Boxx; The judges were not Absolut-ely impressed.” (2.07)

“Coco Montrese: Safari, so goody.” (5.8)

“Ginger Minj: This week, you gave us green, eggs, and hammed it up.” (7.9)

“Peppermint: You’re a good sport, but this week, you fumbled the ball.” (9.4)

Just plain pot puns

Forget the pourri these are just about pot.

“Carmen Carrera: Your reggae was half-baked. And your performance went up in smoke.” (3.10)

“Laganja Estranja: You aimed high, but your routine was a buzzkill.” (6.8)

All Stars 1 team takes

During All Stars season one, the queens were paired up and as a result, the puns came in pairs.

“Brown Flowers: You are serving crazy in any language, and me gusta mucho.” (AS1.1)

“Mandora: You are extremely funny ladies, but your opposites did not attract praise from the judges.” (AS1.1)

“Shad: You both share a fierce and seasoned professionalism. But together, is there too much yin and not enough yang?” (AS1.1)

“Yarlexis: Your runway presentation was just cute, and your opposites attract photo was a washout.” (AS1.1)

“Brown Flowers: Your La Lupe was loopy, and your Tammy Faye was a touch too Tammie Brown.” (AS1.2)

“Rujubee: You can convince strangers to cream their jeans, literally. But can that charm carry you all the way?” (AS1.3)

“Yarlexis: Your runway presentation was hairtacular. But on the street, you came up a little bald.” (AS1.3)

“Latrila: On the street and on the runway, Manila, you took control. But Latrice, your runway presentation was not Divine.” (AS1.3)

“Shannel and Chad: Your Savage Sisters were truly panthers on the runway. But did you allow your third member to upstage you?” (AS1.4)

“Raven and Jujubee: As V3, your lip sync was popping, and you were serving girl group realness. But compared to the other trios, did you play it a little too safe?” (AS1.4)

“Yara and Alexis: Your Fanny Shosha wasn’t the tightest performance of the night, but you worked the crowd into a frenzy and had them screaming for more.” (AS1.4)

“Team Rujubee: Your Melanina was spot-on, and as SPF, you served one fierce dark lady. But was it enough to block out the competition?” (AS1.5)

“Team Shad: Your Fire Crotch was smoking, and as Lactatia, you really melted. But your backstory was a little loose, and left us hanging.” (AS1.5)

Head jokes

An oldie but a goodie, RuPaul is happy to take her ‘How’s your head?’ joke to the next level.

“Vivacious: Concerning your head, I’m afraid there have been some complaints.” (6.3)

“Miss Fame: This week, you got stuck in your head, and not just by a 12-inch steak knife.” (7.6)

Warnings and questions

Every so often, RuPaul’s puns have a dangerous edge as if she’s hanging the queens’ fates on a question, or a warning. These are a little less light and fluffy, and a little more dark and scary.

“Sonique: Onstage, people were turned on by your body. But on the street, people were turned off by your mouth. No one wants a cherry pie that bites back.” (2.02)

“Tatianna: Sharpen your claws, baby; it’s a jungle out there.” (2.02)

“Carmen Carrera: You have the body of death. But do you have the killer instinct it takes to win?” (3.02)

“Manila: This week, you looked like a high roller. But did you hit the jackpot?” (3.13)

“Raja: Your evening gown eleganza was top-dollar. But were you outspent on the runway?” (3.13)

“Dida Ritz: You’re just finding your sea legs. But has the ship already sailed?” (4.6)

“Alaska: You’ve been coasting on kooky, and we want you to go deeper.” (5.6)

“Pearl and Kennedy Davenport: We flipped for your flappers, but were you one step behind the competition?” (7.10)

“Trixie Mattel and Ginger Minj: You took us for a roll in the hey girl hey, but was it a barn-burner?” (7.10)

“Katya and Violet Chachki: You two make a striking pair, but could this be your last tango?” (7.10)

Queen name quips

Puns based on queens’ drag names are much less common than you’d think! But every once in a while, Ru can’t resist this low-hanging fruit.

“Jessica: You went Wild in your interview, but your cover did not snatch any trophies from the judges.” (2.07)

“Monica: Your performance this week was a little too Jiggly and not enough Caliente.” (5.2)

“Max: Your Sharon Needles missed the point.” (7.7)

“Dax Exclamationpoint: The lack of commitment to your performance forces me to put a question mark after your name.” (8.2)

“Peppermint: We finally got a taste of the real Peppermint, and we loved it.” (9.8)

“Farrah Moan: Tonight, you made us moan, but not for the right reasons.” (9.8)

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