Armie Hammer Goes Full James Franco, Plays Gay in ‘Final Portrait’ Trailer

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Armie Hammer just loved playing gay too much to leave it behind. After the star’s non-Oscar nominated turn in Call Me By Your Name, the actor’s next project will be Final Portrait. The trailer for the project, where hammer plays closeted American art critic James Lord, also features Geoffrey Rush, who plays artist Alberto Giacometti, who is painting a portrait of Lord in 1964 Paris.

Hammer’s performance in Call Me By Your Name was praised by many and earned him a slew of critics’ award nominations, though he did miss out on the Academy Award nomination for best supporting actor. On the other hand, his performance and casting were also criticized by many in the queer community as “gay for pay” Oscar bait.

Now that Hammer seems to be doubling down on his queer roles, where will he go next? As BuzzFeed infamously wrote, Hammer’s career has been a decade of failed starts. If Call Me By Your Name ended up being his best shot at the inner circle of stardom and name recognition, could we be seeing more queer roles coming from the actor, much like actor James Franco, who played gay in Milk then queer again in Howl shortly after. Franco then infamously went on a gay content binge, directing “Interior. Leather Bar,” and Sal.

You can watch the trailer for Final Portrait, which is written and directed by Stanley Tucci(!), below.

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