Asia O’Hara Has Embraced the Butterfly

This butterfly still has its wings.

After the finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race aired in June, most people thought that finalist Asia O’Hara would take a break from everything butterfly-related after her failed stunt during the Lip Sync for the Crown competition.

But, you’d be wrong! In fact, queen O’Hara has seemed to embrace her past and make it part of her brand. A quick perusal of her Instagram shows that she’s full-on branding the butterfly.

It started over the weekend, when O’Hara posted two different shots of her wearing butterfly-shaped sunglasses.

She posted another IG of someone paying tribute to her stunt, which she called a “historic moment.”

On Sunday, she gave her followers FULL butterfly regalia eleganza with a butterfly dress, earrings and hair clip.

And finally, Tuesday morning, she gave the world an IG favorite — a pic of her in boy drag standing in front of a butterfly wing mural.

After the harsh criticism O’Hara received for her stunt, it’s nice to see her embracing it and not dreading it. Look at her transforming the narrative … like a butterfly? Whatever, the metaphor doesn’t work, but you get it.

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