Azealia Banks Trades Twitter Barbs With Monet X Change, Criticizes ‘Drag Race’ Transmisogyny

Azealia Banks has had it … officially.

After successfully getting RuPaul’s track “Call Me Mother” removed from Spotify for claims of plagiarism, Banks tweeted on Monday evening, dissatisfied with the fact that the song, and its parent album American, were back on the streaming platform.

In a since-deleted tweet, Banks called RuPaul “scum” and added, “Fuck all yall hairy asscrack ass drag race bitches.” She said, “I don’t want to see any of y’all suffocated nutsack ass drag queens in a silk gown performing any of my music on that dumbass show ever again.”

Azealia Banks tweet

In response to Banks’ tweets, Season 10 queen Monet X Change wrote, “I will no longer perform my Azealia mix … EVER” calling the rapper “rotted trash.”

Banks responded by talking about Monet X Change’s “mildew ass girdle” while Monet X Change called Banks a “tired bitch with preschool reads.” Monet then went on to say that the LGBTQ community is the only reason Banks has a career.

After Banks and Monet finished tweeting each other, Banks tweeted out an essay about her own place in ballroom and queer cultures.

“Just because I’m queer doesn’t mean we walk step and step,” Banks tweeted. “The white gays always find a way to inject their selfish ass ideas about how queer people are supposed to be into EVERYTHING I do.”

She added, “Black queer women have a different fucking life from gay white men. Stop trying to police my queer experience and tell me how to be. You guys are honestly suffocating and I wish you would go away and stay away for good.”

Banks went on to call white gay men “tyrants.”


“I’ve been actively trying to live my best black queer female life and you keep trying to force me to consider you when you have absolutely no consideration for me. I just want you guys to go the fuck away,” she said.

Banks was previously highly critical of Drag Race in a series of Tweets on Sunday.

In a tweet on Sunday, Banks brought up RuPaul’s controversial remarks that trans women who had begun a physical transition would not be allowed to compete on Drag Race.

“Ru won’t let the trans girls in because she knows they will SLAY the house down,” Banks wrote. “If a woman wants to be a drag queen she can. I dunno what y’all boys keep tal[lking] bout–women can’t be drag queens. If women can’t be drag queens then neither can you. You can’t be a caricature of a woman and then try to dis[clude] her. Ridiculous.”

She added, “Y’all sit up here and beg for respect and inclusivity then turn around and tell others they can’t be included. You want your femininity to be respected but won’t allow an actual woman to participate in any gay male affairs. Makes no sense.”

To end her thoughts, Banks said she’s a fan of Violet Chachki, Aja, Shea Coulee and Sasha Velour — who she called “the bald one” — but separate from their participation in Drag Race.

Aja responded to the controversy on Twitter on Tuesday.

“I don’t need to curse anyone out, make a scene or break my character,” Aja wrote. “I think that bashing an entire part of the queer community while using queerness as a crutch is counterproductive and isn’t okay because it sends the same non-inclusive message about queerness into the world.”

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