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The Barbie Teaser Has Dropped, and Everyone’s Gagging

Well, it happened. The first teaser-trailer for Greta Gerwig’s hotly anticipated Barbie movie has dropped. Featuring an attack of the of 50-foot Margot Robbie and a cheeky 2001: A Space Odyssey homage, the movie is looking extremely gay right off the bat. Naturally, everyone is prepared to drop everything just for a sweet glimpse into that hot pink plastic Malibu world, especially during such a cold and bleak winter season as this.

First of all, let’s talk about the men:

The Mattel men:

The Zoolander memes really say it all:

Pouring one out for the homies who bought a whole Avatar ticket just to get a glimpse of the Barbie trailer:

Let’s face it: it’s the hottest (pink) ticket of the season:

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