Bebe Rexha Calls ‘Drag Race’ Girls Cold — and Aquaria Responds

America’s Next Drag Superstar Aquaria is the hottest name in the drag world right now — but to Bebe Rexha, she’s a bit cold.

On Twitter, Rexha — who refused to name names — said she met some of the Drag Race girls this week but that she “wasn’t in hair and makeup” so they didn’t recognize her. In a follow-up tweet, she called the girls “cold” and said, “they didn’t talk to anyone like they were the shit.”

(The Drag Race girls and Rexha were both recently at VH1’s Trailblazer Honors, where Rexha performed, so it was most likely at this event, though neither artist’s tweets mentioned the venue.)

Aquaria, who recently spoke to INTO about her crowning, played nice at first and congratulated Rexha on her performance, then changed tone when Rexha called them cold.

“We’re really just artists who were being swept through a crazy week in our lives where we nearly had a second to take things in,” Aquaria said. “I don’t think any of us would intend to be rude or shady to any other performer and if people knew anything about us it’s that we are far more humble and real than anyone else would expect. Instead of being grateful and enjoying the night. We’re now on twitter complaining about the same thing everyone always tries to pit on drag queens that we’re stuck up bitches who don’t have time for the people who enjoy our work. We were all so impressed with the performances at the trailblazers and so grateful to be included.”

Aquaria also referenced Nicki Minaj’s song “Chun Li” and said that Rexha is trying to go online and make drag queens out to be the villains.

Aquaria learning to deconstruct media narratives — The Vixen’s influence truly lives on.


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