Betty Who’s New Music Video is Extremely Gay

Pop singer Jessica Anne Newman, known onstage as Betty Who, just dropped the video for her latest single “Taste,” and spoiler alert: it’s super queer. As a gay woman, I often get asked the question: “So if you like women, are you attracted to yourself?” My answer always has been and continues to be “Yes.” Betty’s new music video serves piping hot evidentiary support of such claims, proving that we all just want to fuck ourselves.


In the video, a stripped-down Betty gives a seductive, titillating lap dance to a faceless person—who we assume is a man—only to find out: the lap dance recipient is also her! Throughout the sexy banger, the two Who’s take turns in mastering the art of seduction, and eventually maul each other for a steamy make-out. We’re totally feeling the pop singer’s butch vibe, and all the passionate women-loving-women touching.


Earlier this month, Newman released the EP Betty Who Pt. 1, her first EP release in five years. The artist has been a luminary for the LGBTQ community, having worked with the Trevor Project and GLAAD in the past.


“I don’t think I’d have a career if it weren’t for the LGBTQ community,” she told NewNowNext. “There were like 80 gay men at my first New York show. And that was it. I feel most at home within the [LGBTQ] community because it’s a space where I can be myself, share my stories, vulnerabilities, and they can share theirs with me.”


Her visibility in the community is huge—she recently remixed the Queer Eye theme song and gave it her own infectious, pop-perfected twist. She makes daily efforts to support, uplift, and normalize queer people—and for that reason, we’ve continued to stan.


A second EP, Betty Who Pt. 2, will drop this fall, followed by a full-length studio album next year.

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