Beyoncé’s Terrifying Papal Glamor In The New Jay-Z Video Makes Us Wanna Repent

· Updated on May 28, 2018

“GOD IS GOD AND I AM NOT,” Beyoncé helpfully reminded us in last year’s “Don’t Hurt Yourself” video, but that doesn’t mean she’s not capable of some biblical level guilt-tripping.

In a new teaser for Jay-Z’s upcoming “Family Feud” video, per The FADER, Beyoncé stands at the pulpit of an ornate Catholic church, staring down her husband as he makes his way through the pews with older daughter Blue Ivy in hand. Beyoncé grips the sides of the platform upon which she stands as images of infidelity flash across the screen. Drama! Intrigue! Depictions of literal backstabbing! The new season of The Young Papesse looks so good.

Later in the 34-second spot (if there a “later” in something that’s only 34 seconds long), we find Beyoncé sitting on one side of a confessional booth in a black-and-white, shoulder-heavy gown that our mid- to late-’80s Barbies would’ve killed for. Jay sits on the other side, waiting to repent.

“Nobody wins when the family feuds,” Jay says over the visuals. “We all lose when the family feuds.”

Yeah! Remember? “When you play me, you play yourself”? That??

The video for the song off Jay-Z’s Grammy-nominated 4:44 premieres Friday, Dec. 29, on Tidal.

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