Big Gay Ice Cream Announces New Cheetos Flavor

Although there are Golden Girls pictures on the wall, Big Gay Ice Cream is a popular summer destination for both homos and heteros alike.

Their fan base is about to grow even more thanks to the new Cheetos flavored soft-serve, aptly called Cheat-Oh’s. According to NBC 4, who interviewed co-founder Douglas Quint, the ice cream will be a vanilla soft-serve with a slight hint of cheese, rolled in a Cheeto-dust.

“The reaction to Cheetos [ice cream] is pretty universal…which is ‘the first bite was terrifying, and then I don’t know why, but I finished the whole cone,” Quint said about people trying the new treat.

Quint went onto say that Big Gay has never really been about the gimmicky fads or flavors. “When a flavor like this comes along that’s a little bit crazy, it’s really just because we love it.”

He also said that he’s been getting requests for a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos version, which is something he would start considering in the future. If you’d like to try this unique summer cone, it will be available in two week intervals throughout the summer.

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