Billy Eichner, Lindsay Lohan, & Lisa Kudrow Are Tweeting Each Other About ‘The Comeback’

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Few TV shows have the lasting impact of HBO’s The Comeback. A mockumentary starring Lisa Kudrow as the once-famous actress Valerie Cherish as she works her way back into the limelight, it originally only lasted for one season. But its die-hard fan base held on until it came back for a second season in 2014, almost a decade after the original.

One such member of that devoted following is actor and comedian, Billy Eichner. Apparently when he’s not yelling at people on the streets of New York, he enjoys a good HBO viewing sesh. He recently took to Twitter with his proposal for a new season of the beloved show, which is enough of a reason to take note.

What we didn’t expect is the bizarre A-list conversation it started. Lindsay Lohan responded to let Eichner know she was onboard. Seeing as the child actress has been looking to make a comeback herself, it seems kismet… if not totally insane.

And if that didn’t blow our minds enough, Valerie Cherish herself chimed in. “That’s interesting” Kudrow wrote about Lohan’s offer, which is the understatement of the century.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Other celebs joined the conversation, including Sarah Paulson, Zach Braff, and The Comeback EP and costar, Dan Bucatinsky.

I think we can all identify with Zach Braff in this situation. For once, it’s nice to see celebs doing good on Twitter instead of using it to start a nuclear war. Meanwhile, the rest of us will fondly take in this exchange so we can tell our children we were there when history was made.

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