Bimini Bon Boulash is Up to Something…

Bimini Bon Boulash is possibly the pandemic’s busiest queen.

The nonbinary babe has kept things moving since the end of “Drag Race UK,” first with a modeling contract, then with a mural. Now, we’ve got even more Bimini news to look forward to. “Miss Congeniality” themselves just teased a new single, “God Save This Queen,” for release on June 3rd. 

That’s not all: Bimini babes rejoiced this morning to learn that Bimini is teaming up with London Mayor Sadiq Khan for the city’s “Lets Do London” campaign. 

If this campaign sounds familiar, it might be because it’s the selfsame project that got beloved queer artist David Hockney so much heat last week

Hopefully Bimini’s contribution to “Let’s Do London” will be a little less…slapdash? It’s looking promising so far. Bimini and Khan were photographed on an eating tour around London, and it looks pretty wholesome and sweet. Especially Khan’s caption reminding us that our favorite they/them queen is also vegan. 

And if that wasn’t enough, Bimini just posted a photo of themselves with Ordinary Boys singer Preston with a caption about being “in the studio”…

Looks like we’re truly in for a Bimini summer, babes. 

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