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Bowen Yang heroically gave this controversial SNL guest the cold shoulder

Heroes: they walk among us. They famously don’t always wear capes, but nevertheless, they’re around, just making sure that we can live our miserable transgender lives in peace and quiet. They stand for what’s righteous, what’s just, and most importantly, they combat cringe with every fiber of their heroic being.

One such hero is SNL comic mastermind Bowen Yang, who’s been bringing his own brand of top-notch hilarity to the show as a writer and performer since 2018. Whether he’s playing the confessional out-gay iceberg that sank the Titanic or New York icon Fran Lebowitz, Yang has the power to reduce us to wet puddles of hilarity nearly every time he shows up in another iconic sketch.

But Yang’s comedy chops aren’t the only thing to appreciate about him: this massive talent just added “hero” to his resume by staging a silent protest against transphobe Dave Chappelle on this week’s SNL.

If anyone’s wondering how to protest something you have no control over at work, this is the way. As noticed by several Twitter users, when Saturday’s Dakota Johnson-Justin Timberlake featured showcase ended and the cast gathered together to say goodnight, Chappelle, for some reason, was also invited onstage, despite not having performed. He was there to support his friend, rapper Tobe Nwigwe, who performed with Timberlake (another huge yuck for that guy) during the musical showcase, and for some reason, if Dave Chappelle is in the audience at SNL for whatever reason, he gets to just go up on stage. Surprise!

However, Bowen Yang was quite clearly and visibly not having it. While the entire cast is gathered in the center of the frame, Yang can be seen standing far to the left in silent protest. Sarah Sherman was the only other cast member who joined Yang off to the side.

Now everyone’s talking about it, and with good reason. As if it’s not enough to have Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon front and center, they had to bring Chappelle up just to complete the hell trifecta.

But our man Bowen did the right thing. He made his distaste known via silent protest. More importantly, he got as far away from possible from the rotting onion stench of transphobia that was undoubtedly filling the room that night.

When Mariah Carey sang of heroes, she was predicting the coming of our lord Bowen Yang.

Just when we thought we couldn’t love him more.

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