Brendan Scannell Explores S&M in ‘Bonding’

· Updated on July 20, 2018

The new short-form dark comedy Bonding premiered Friday at Outfest and puts a fun twist on the tired “Gay Best Friend” trope. A new trailer depicts Heathers’ Brendan Scannell as the BFF in question, who reunites with his buddy from high school (Zoe Levin) in quite the eccentric way.

The official synopsis of Bonding reads, “Pete (Scannell), a recently out gay man, and Tiff (Levin), a grad student, hope to pick up right where they left off, but Tiff has a secret: she’s one of New York City’s top dominatrixes, and she’s about to tie Pete up in her underground world of sexual secrecy and BDSM.”

Fans might know Scannell as the genderqueer Heather Duke from Paramount Network’s since-scrapped Heathers reboot.

“I found a way for us to hang out together again, just like old times,” Levin quips in the new trailer, which also shows Scannell being duped by his former best friend, who had previously lied about being a part-time 911 operator.

The series was written, directed and executive produced by actor Rightor Doyle (You’re The Worst) and is loosely based on his real-life experiences.

No official date yet, but Bonding will be released later this year.

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