Britney Spears’ Abs Are Here to Make You Feel Like Trash

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Someone’s been getting to work (bitch).

Queen Britney Spears decided to celebrate Tummy Tuesday by flashing us mere mortals with her Greco-Roman-level ab game.


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Honestly, what the fuck? No *piece of me* desires to even have abs like this and I still feel read for filth by her midsection.

Spears’ Instagram game has been killing it as usual lately. Aside from this tummy flash, she’s also given us severe Myspace angles and a snap with fellow diva Mariah Carey in the last week.


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You never know who you’re going to meet at dinner parties!! 🎉 Great night! So much fun, thank you Cade! 🍃🍃

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The mother of two and Princess of Pop is still performing her greatest-hits mashup slash core workout Piece of Me in Las Vegas, in case you want to see the abs in person.

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