Bruce LaBruce Brings Feminist Queer Film ‘The Misandrists’ to America

· Updated on May 29, 2018

Bruce LaBruce has done it again. The iconic queer provocateur has recently released the trailer for his latest film. And it’s as queer as we could ask for.

In The Misandrists, an injured male soldier on the run has the misfortune of stumbling upon two members of the Female Liberation Army, a radical feminist terrorist group with the mission of implementing a female world order. One member decides to take pity on him, stowing him away in the basement. As secrets are revealed, it turns out he’s one of many that threatens to destroy the FLA’s mission from within.

With a female-driven cast and a punk sensibility, it has an uber feminist mood that we wouldn’t expect from a male-dominated Hollywood. The trailer promises an energetic, tongue in cheek piece of art with a social justice commentary. It’s a perfect addition to LaBruce’s repertoire of queer arthouse cinema.

The Misandrists made its world premiere at Berlinale, with screenings at Karlovy Vary, Sitges, Raindance London, and Guadalajara. Next month, it comes to the United States, whether we’re ready for it or not. It premieres May 25 at Village East Cinema in New York, followed by Nuart Theatre in Los Angeles on June 1. LaBruce will introduce screenings at both openings. Throughout Pride Month, it opens in Washington DC, Austin, New Orleans, Seattle, Denver, Philadelphia, Cleveland, and other cities.

Watch the trailer for The Misandrists below:

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