But Can You Do Coachella Like Galore?

Prince Chenoa and Jacob Dekat, the creative duo and founders of Galore Media, give us their exclusive, hush hush, and totally-not-fucking-around lowdown on how to make your Coachella the delicious and mind-melting experience it was meant to be.

Who you have to see…

Kehlani is a must-see this year. As a newcomer, her music is so cool and SweetSexySavage has been on repeat in our office everyday. Also Gaga’s Joanne is so dope. We can’t wait to sing all the words with a big pink hat on.

We’re both looking forward to…

Coachella just isn’t Coachella if you have not had the Bob Marley spicy pie pizza. We eat like two a day (we’re such fatties). Oh, and the Afters ice cream stand.

What we’re wearing…

Prince – I’m all about western vibe meets biker. It’s basically my daily uniform.

Jacob – I’m a little more into silks and breathable looks. Denim, silk shirts, mesh shirts, things that are very 70s inspired.

What to do…

  • Party! The first weekend is not just about the shows but the epic parties that are going on. The one party you don’t want to miss (obvs) is the GALORE X GRINDR GBF pool party with Charli XCX and more on Friday. Saturday, the Jeremy Scott party is always a blast, as is Neon Carnival.
  • Be street ready. There are a ton of bloggers and media brands on site, so always look cute.
  • Bring vodka in a water bottle.
  • Ride the ferris wheel high with your beau.

What not to do…

  • Don’t get to the festival at noon. As much as music is priority at Coachella, being burnt in the hot sun is not a good look. Try to get there later in the day between 4 and 6pm, so you can see some bands, and not be burnt out before Gagagets on.
  • Don’t wear flower crowns, or culturally inappropriate Native American attire.

What to watch out for…

Overpriced Uber rides. Try to carpool as much as possible.

Things to avoid…

The GA bathroom. Get VIP tickets so you’re not pissing in a Porta Potty.

Other important stuff to know (esp. if you’re a first timer)…

  • Rent a house with friends on Airbnb. Hotels are way jacked up.
  • Plan to only really see four bands each day.It’s impossible to see more when you are with a large group of friends who want to see different musicians.
  • Get to the main stage for the headliners EARLY. You’ll need to claim your space.
  • Bring lots of cash. Some vendors take cards, but cash is always easier.
  • Stay hydrated (it’s hot AF). And eat because the vodka, heat, and anything else in your system will catch up to you.
  • Leave like 15 to 20 minutes before it ends. Avoid being stuck in the worst traffic ever. We know you want to see if Beyonce will come out with Gaga, but if she doesn’t20 minutes into her set, she probably isn’t, go GTFO.
  • And HAVE A HOT COACHELLA PLAYLIST.We made one just for you guys!

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