Can Aquaria’s Melania Trump Impression Land Her on ‘Saturday Night Live’?

Is Aquaria’s Melania Trump ready to jump networks from VH1 to NBC?

Aquaria’s Melania Trump impression during RuPaul’s Drag Race’s infamous Snatch Game challenge clinched her a surprise win. But could she possibly bring it to a new venue? That’s the aim of one petition asking Saturday Night Live to cast the New York City club queen as the First Lady in an on-air sketch.

“Aquaria nailed Melania’s looks, was super funny, while being respectful of our nation’s First Lady,” the petition reads. “Saturday Night Live has had some great Melania impersonators before, but Aquaria would be a cut above the rest.”

Currently, Cecily Strong plays Melania Trump–hilariously!but perhaps a gender swap for the character isn’t the worst idea. The show has played with gender swapping various Trump administration characters before. Kate McKinnon has playedJeff SessionsandRudy Giuliani. And of course, we can’t forget the impression that started it all: when Melissa McCarthy embodied press secretary Sean Spicer, Trump reportedly became furious at thegenderfuck send-up.

As of press time,the petitionalready has over 375 signatures. Once it reaches 1,000, the petition will be sent over to Lorne Michaels, who hopefully will comply.

We know it’ll go swimmingly.

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