The Plot Thickens

Canon Gay LeFou May Be Coming Soon…

Josh Gad continues to tease us (me personally) with vague news about the upcoming LeFou and Gaston prequel series for Disney+. His latest confession is that LeFou’s origin story is “incredibly exciting.” 

Okay so…exciting how? Like, exciting as in sexually charged and titillating? Exciting as in free food? Exciting as in a surprise visit from a puppy? 

I don’t know, because that’s literally all this man gave us. 

In a recent interview for the Just for Variety podcast, Gad dished:

“You’re going to have to tune in when this show airs to see what we’re working up, but in the process of working on it, we’re asking ourselves every relevant question about these characters and endeavoring to do right by them and by this world.” 

Okay so…vague. 

“I think that we have origin stories here that are unbelievably exciting because they’re unexpected. And I think ‘expect the unexpected’ is all I can really say. And not just with regard to LeFou and Gaston but to a lot of the new characters that we’re introducing.”

Well, since that tells us absolutely the fuck nothing, I’m taking it personally to mean that within the first five minutes of this show we will get a scene of LeFou and Gaston rawdogging in the pub. If I don’t get that, well good sirs, I am simply not tuning in. 

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