Cardi B Shows Love To Trinity K. Bonet’s ‘I Like It’ Lip Sync

We love legends supporting legends. Cardi B recently posted on Instagram an “I Like It” lip-sync performance from Trinity K. Bonet, a drag queen from Season 6 of Drag Race.

Yaaaaaass QUE PERRA!!” Cardi B wrote in the caption, which translates to, “that bitch!”

Bonet dressed in an outfit that resembled the album art for Invasion of Privacy, Cardi’s debut album. Given the fact that Bonet was known as the lip-sync assassin of her season, and one of the best lip-sync performers of the show overall, it is no surprise that she killed the performance. Bonet followed up this performance with another Cardi song, “Money Bag.”

Trinity K. Bonet is clearly a big Cardi fan, which is not a big surprise considering her love of Beyonce and other stars. She turned up to DragCon this year in a similar Cardi B outfit, styling the same short neon hair. This week in Houston, she celebrated the five million views Cardi B helped her get.

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