Cardi B’s New Song ‘Money’ Is the Bop It Needed to Be

Cardi B’s new song is set to net her plenty of dollar bills.

On Tuesday, Cardi B released her new single “Money,” her first new solo musical offering since her debut album Invasion of Privacy and the birth of her daughter Kulture.

Let’s just get to the point: “Money” is a bop and comes at the exact right time. After Invasion of Privacy turned out to be a banger-laden triumph, there were some haters who thought she might face a sophomore slump on any follow-up music. And, of course, giving birth tends to change artists’ output. But “Money” proves that Invasion and its singles are no fluke and that Cardi is still invested in serving us looks and hooks.

“Money” also works because there’s very little in the way of shade or disses toward any of her haters. Though she momentarily lost her cool and threw a shoe at Nicki Minaj for allegedly dissing her mommy skills at New York Fashion Week in September, Cardi takes the high road on this track, declaring that there’s “nothing in this world that I like more than checks.”

Check out Cardi’s new wallet-focused bop below:

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