Carrie Bradshaw Met Carrie Dragshaw and It Was Beautiful

· Updated on May 28, 2018

We may be heartbroken over the fact that Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte won’t reunite for a third installment to the Sex and the City movie franchise, but Andy Cohen just gave us a Carrie Bradshaw moment that will last us at least another five months. It happened this week when longtime pal, Sarah Jessica Parker stopped by the clubhouse to be a guest on Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live. The second season of Parker’s Divorce recently premiered on HBO.

But Cohen turned the tables to her most iconic role for one of our favorite WWHL traditions. For the “SJP OMG Drag Pageant” he brought out three drag queens doing their favorite version of the actress. Contestants donned their best homages to her roles in The Family Stone and Hocus Pocus.

In life, sometimes when you look ahead, all you see is your past. Your future gets crowded with coulda woulda shouldas and maybe-next-time exes. As I stood in the market looking at a sea of foreign spices, I saw something sweet and familiar: Aidan. I couldn’t help but wonder: Inside every confident, forward-looking woman, was a part of her heart looking back wondering “What If?” Maybe life is like a crowded market in Abu Dhabi. It’s more than a little bazaar. You never know what you’re going to find, and there are so many paths it’s easy to get lost. But sometimes, if you have a perfectly cooked meal waiting for you at home, it’s best not to pick up anything at the market. Plus, New Yorkers travel with enough baggage already. Everyone loves adventure, but maybe life’s biggest adventure is loving someone so much you forget the old “What Ifs.” After all, when one Dior closes, another opens. And the other could be Big. #CarrieDragshaw

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Meanwhile uptown, I was living a teenage dream in a castle on a cloud, high above Central Park. The thing is, when you’re a teenager, you look at adults and see freedom: No Parents. No Rules. But when you’re an adult, you look at teenagers and see freedom: No Bosses. No Bills. I couldn’t help but wonder: When did getting older go from dream to dread? When it comes to growing up, were some of us too chicken to cross the road? Or maybe, every once in a while, you can make the mature adult decision to act like a rebellious adolescent. To serve a giant Kentucky Fried F*ck You to deadlines, diets, dating and the rest of reality. In life, most days you get dressed and conquer the world. So some days you can get stoned and eat from a bucket. You can solve your problems in your Prada mañana. Today, channel your inner Ferris Bueller and put ’em in the f*ck it bucket. Because in a fast-paced city like New York, sometimes you’ve got to hop out of the speedboat and just splash around—even if you might get caught. After all, before a flower can grow, it needs a little pot. #CarrieDragshaw

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There I was, on the newsstand next to Vanity Fair looking Condé Nasty. Is there anything scarier to society than a single woman? There’s a reason why RomComs always end in marriage, and TV shows turn sexy singles into happy couples. Hell, even the song “Single Ladies” is about getting a wedding ring. I couldn’t help but wonder: Was it humanly possible to be Single and Fabulous? What is Fabulous, anyway? And who gets to decide? Maybe if you’re truly fabulous, you decide for yourself. You don’t march to the beat of their drum—you dance to the beat of your heart. After all, you can’t light your fire off of someone else’s spark. Being single doesn’t mean you’re broken. Being married doesn’t mean you’re fixed. And being fabulous has nothing to do with a man. You can be Single and Fabulous. Dating and Fabulous. Dumped and Fabulous. You can be Married and Fabulous. Divorced and Fabulous. Consciously Uncoupled and Fabulous. Because You are what makes you fabulous. And that’s fabulous. Exclamation point. #CarrieDragshaw (brighten someone’s day today & tell a friend they’re fabulous ❗️)

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But the winner of the pageant turned out to be an SJP impersonator that SJP herself has long been following, along with 93,000 other Insta fans. Dan Clay has taken Instagram by storm with his flawless recreations of some of Carrie Bradshaw’s most iconic looks and poses. Using the name, Carrie Dragshaw, he uploads the photos with short sentiments in the style of the fictional writer’s sex columns.

Viewers weren’t the only people ecstatic to see Clay make an appearance as Dragshaw. It was the first time Parker had met him, and she instantly expressed her appreciation for his work. After he came on and recited a short Bradshaw-esque line, she gushed over his devotion.

“Carrie Dragshaw, just because one must appreciate the entire person, is Dan Clay,” she said. “What you, she, he, “shim” has done today is nothing. If you go look at Dan’s Instagram page, it’s kind of staggering what he does It’s really amazing. So, it’s such a treat that you’re here.”

Although it’s not the Sex and the City reunion we were all hoping for, it’s a very touching tribute to the character we all know and love.

While speaking with Cohen, Parker also opened up about SATC costar, Kim Cattrall’s comments. Parker said she was “heartbroken” over Cattrall’s statement that they were “never friends.” It’s a heartbreak we can all identify with.

Let this photo of Carrie Dragshaw with Samantha Jones mend those broken hearts.

New York winters can be more brutal than a bad break-up and colder than Nina Katz, but there was one thing you could always count on to warm you up: a hot fashion show. As we walked arm-in-arm in a sea of Armani, I started thinking about girl friends and garments. Maybe life is like a closet, and friendships are the clothes. Some friends, like Charlotte, are like a great dress: elegant & flattering. Even when you’re feeling flawed, they can make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud. Some friends, like Miranda, are a pair of stiletto booties: sturdy & uplifting. When you’re feeling small, they push you to reach higher—even if it’s a little painful. And some friends are a fur coat: outrageous & offensive. Like Samantha. But when the whole world goes frozen, they’re the ones fiery enough to keep you feeling fabulous. I couldn’t help but wonder: With romantic love, we spend a lot of time asking if he’s “The One.” But with friendship love, how do you know the love will last? Maybe it’s the weather. After all, anyone can stick around in the summer sun, but only the strongest friends are by your side when the steps of life get icy. They can’t always fix your problems, but they can make sure you never have to face them alone. Or without a cosmo. They’re the ones who hear you when you’re not saying a word. The ones who see the tears you’re too proud to cry. And when really important things go missing—like your smile, your confidence, or your laugh—they’re the ones who help you find them. Maybe there’s a good thing about bad weather: it’s when your true friends shine. #CarrieDragshaw ______________________ Let’s spread a little love today! Take a moment to tell your true friends how much you love them ❤️ And then go buy them a cloud dress ☁️ much love, DC & CD 💋

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