Catholic Group and Trolls Come for Tom Daley After Baby Announcement

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Valentine’s Day meant romantic Instagram posts from many. But one in particular that caught our attention was from Olympic diver, Tom Daley and Oscar-winning screenwriter, Dustin Lance Black. The husbands posted a photo of themselves holding up a sonogram, announcing an addition to their family.


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A very happy #ValentinesDay from ours to yours. 👨‍👨‍👦

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“HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!” Daley posted with heart emojis and an emoji of two men and a child.

“A very happy #ValentinesDay from ours to yours,” Black posted in his.

It’s certainly cause for celebration for the couple that was married in May 2017. In previous interviews, they’ve revealed their intentions to start a family.

“It’s not a question of if, just when,” Daley said.

So, leave it to some angry “Christians” to come rain on their parade. In addition to numerous haters coming out of the social media woodwork to leave their unwarranted opinions about the happy news, an anti-LGBTQ Catholic group has stoked the fire.

“A baby is always a blessing and someone of inestimable value,” Elizabeth Howard of Catholic Voices told Christian Today. “However, Tom Daley’s baby will be deliberately deprived of a mother, and no matter how much Tom Daley and his partner love the baby, it will not make up for the enormous loss inflicted on him or her As a donor-conceived person, I know myself that to grow up without one’s genetic parent means a huge loss of identity and often leads to a sense of not belonging.”

Christian Today columnist James Macintyre also had some opinions about the news, questioning the nature of their child’s conception. He alluded to commercial surrogacy, which is not legal in the UK.

“Because there were no details released, we do not know if money has changed hands on this occasion,” he added. “But questions should be raised about babies becoming commodities, the result of transactions. After all, what more appropriate mark of our transactional society is there than that?”

The British radio station, LBC made a similar comment in a recent tweet that has since been taken down.

“Tom Daley and his husband are having a baby,” it read. “Is there something sinister about the woman’s exclusion in this scenario?”

LBC released a statement to PinkNews, apologizing for the tweet.

“We unreservedly apologise for what was a badly worded debate today, which does not reflect our values and should not have been worded in this way. We apologise for any offence caused, that was not our intention.”

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that haters are gonna hate. But plenty of fans are wishing the happy couple all the best as they prepare for their new addition.

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