Celine Dion Makes Baseball Bearable on this Epic Twitter Account

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Anybody who’s ever watched a baseball games knows one thing is true: they’re long and there’s not a lot of action. It’s true! Don’t @ me!

Anyway, for those of us who can’t stomach the idea of sitting through an entire baseball game for what amounts to eight minutes of actual action, there exists a Twitter account for you.

@TitanicBaseball takes scream-worthy moments for sports fans and turns them into “YAAASS!”-worthy moments for the rest of us. Overlaid over each moment is Celine Dion’s epic chorus crescendo from “My Heart Will Go On!”

Finally, the World Series is watchable! #CelinesImpact

We’ve reached out to @TitanicBaseball for comment about this account and we’ll update when we hear back!

Photography courtesy of flickr.

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