Chester Lockhart Says Goodbye to His Heart in ‘Loving Memory’

· Updated on May 29, 2018

Chester Lockhart is a man of many talentsand all of these talents can be seen in his new music video for “In Loving Memory.” According to an interview with Billboard, Lockhart was involved in basically every aspect of both the music and video production for the song.

The concept of the music video, as described by Lockhart, is that a boy broke his heart so intensely that he died, and the video is in loving memory of his dead heart. It’s a glamorous gay haunting with choreography.

Lockhart tells Billboard the video was inspired by the many phases he went through as a teen.

“I was a nerdy theater kid, I was this death metal goth queen for a hot second, I went through this ‘80s tracksuit workout phase. I was just all over the place trying to find what I was,” Lockhart said. “I stopped trying to fit into all these little boxes and I took a little boxcutter and combined all those bitches with a little bit of glitter tape and here I am.”

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