Christian PSA Targets Queer Millennials with Homophobic Conversion Testimonial

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Of all the hot button issues that affect young people these days, the dangers of homosexuality don’t really come up among this generation. For the first time in history, it almost seems like queer people and their allies are in the majority among young people.

So, brace yourselves for Anchored North, a new internet-savvy evangelical group that has their sights set on young social media users.

Their introduction video entitled “Next-Generation Evangelism” gives a pretty decent explanation of their goal, which is apparently to make bible-thumping cool again because “they’re being lied to, left and right” and “torn apart by darkness, by sin, by evil.” In a manner that totally condescends the very people they’re targeting, some super alt-right looking boy next door explains, “Our videos are short because we’re trying to reach people with short attention spans.”

But that’s not the most unsettling video they’ve posted. No, another video, which is confusingly titled “Love Is Love” takes the cake as it features b-roll of young people partying and a lesbian couple laughing and just being adorable.

It’s narrated by a young woman who gives her personal testimony of finding Christianity, and with it, enough self-shame to convince herself she was being morally superior by going back in the closet and dating a guy who looks like he has a stockpile of date rape drugs.

It starts off like any good and fun queer love story. She started dating another girl at 15, and her dad just didn’t approve. After she turned 18, she was “super wild” and in serial relationships with women. Then she got engaged to a girl with two kids who gave her a reason to slow down.

But here’s where the really fun part starts. After going to a bible study that she just assumed wouldn’t accept her, she found that they didn’t make a big deal of her sexuality (other than eventually asking her to do a video about how she was ashamed of it). Instead, she saw the different experiences others had that she really craved, although she only vaguely explained them. So, after questioning herself, she googled verses about homosexuality, which she now equates to “drunkards.”

“You feeling a desire for sin just proves you need grace like me,” she excruciatingly argues. “It’s not gay to straight. It’s lost to saved. God calls us not to heterosexuality, but to holiness.”

That charming little opening video explained how millennials are leaving the church at an “alarming rate” of 70%. I guess it just remains a mystery as to why young impressionable minds don’t like being around groups who shame them into changing who they are.

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