Christina Aguilera Celebrates New Album Release By Busking With Jimmy Fallon

Xtina has singlehandedly saved us all from 2018 by releasing her first studio album since 2012. Appropriately titled, Liberation, the eighth studio album from Christina Aguilera is officially out as of June 15th and is already well-received by fans.

As part of her press tour, Aguilera stopped by The Tonight Show to hang out with Jimmy Fallon.  The singer and host entered the subway below Rockefeller Center to participate in an activity that is the pinnacle of New York performance: busking.

The two set up a makeshift stage and put on disguises while performing a couple of songs for the MTA crowd. I assumed that Aguilera was going to do some sort of impression while singing, but no, she went full Aguilera. To start, Aguilera performed “Think” by Aretha Franklin. It’s hard to tell if it’s just from editing, but it seems like almost immediately the duo get a crowd to gather. It could be that people thought she sounded really similar to Aguilera, but I suspect the cameras gave it away.

After they finished the first song, Fallon revealed himself and Aguilera. The crowd cheered and a couple people seemed surprised — especially the one woman in glasses that the camera couldn’t get enough of.

Finally, the pair performed Aguilera’s “Fighter” to the sweaty MTA crowd that sang along. There are few things that could make me wait on a subway platform in the middle of a New York summer, but watching Christina Aguilera perform is definitely one of them.

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