Cillian Murphy Stuns in See-Through Shirt and the Gays are Having a Moment

The summer of Barbenheimer is upon us, and while it’s still unclear why anyone in their right mind would be excited about a movie about the atom bomb, there’s no denying that the July 21st box office is about to have its entire b*ssy blown out.

That said, there’s one reason we can understand why folks are divided between seeing either Barbie or Oppenheimer first this Friday. On the one hand, the Barbie movie will be delivering a hot-pink femme manifesto, courtesy of a star-studded cast, flawless direction by Greta Gerwig, and a show-stopping performance by Margot Robbie.

On the other, Oppenheimer stars noted babe Cillian Murphy. Who is, to be clear, hot. He’s been hot for a good long time, but the fact that he attended a recent screening of the film with his t*tties out is a testament to the fact that twink death can, in fact, be a wonderful thing indeed.

The see-through shirt, a sexy touch in an otherwise conservative red carpet fit, is really quite the serve.

Some are calling it bisexual culture.

Others are calling it t-boy swag.

And others are just plain horny.

He really was insane for this.

Oppenheimer can’t top this outfit, and you’re lying if you say it can.

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