Confirmed: Ellen DeGeneres Is A U-Hauler

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Years ago, Megan Mullally and Ellen DeGeneres were neighbors, which they talk about when the former stops by the latter’s talk show today. Mullally shares how she thought DeGeneres was so sweet and so well-liked, especially by all of her “roommates.”

“I would walk over and you had a roommate, and I remember thinking ‘That’s nice, Ellen has this lovely roommate named, you know, Janet or something,” Mullally says. “I was like ‘Well isn’t that nice? They really seem to get along great.’ And they had a dog, and I was like ‘Whose dog is it?’ And they were like ‘It’s just our dog.’ And I was like ‘Well isn’t that caring and sharing?'”

“And then as the years went on,” she continued, “you had a lot of really lovely roommates. And then I thought ‘Gosh, Ellen just gets along so well with people. She just –people are drawn to her like a magnet.”

Mullally bemoaned having a terrible time trying to find a roommate and being astonished by DeGeneres’s ability to find SO MANY! Now, she thinks back on how “naive” she was, and remembering DeGeneres laughign at her.

“Are you serious? You didn’t know I was gay?” DeGeneres asks.

“Did not know,” Mullally confirms.

But let’s bring it back to the subject: Ellen DeGeneres moved in many a girlfriend over the 30 years Megan Mullally has known her, and considering they probably lived close to one another not super long (DeGeneres doesn’t even remember them being neighbors or hanging out somehow), it’s safe to say stars: they’re just like us. Ellen was apparently a frequent U-Hauler (full disclosure: author is also guilty) until she met wife Portia de Rossi.

(For any straight people reading: A U-Hauler is someone who moves in with her girlfriend very quickly after they meet and/or begin dating. This happens most frequently to lesbians and queer women.)

Pre-Portia, DeGeneres publicly had relationships with Ellen producer Teresa Boyd, Alexandra Hedison (now married to Jodie Foster), Anne Heche (obvs), and now others that only Megan Mullally might remember. Now DeGeneres has lots of animals for roommates and two shared dogs with roommate de Rossi.

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