Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Still Thinks the Government Is Making Frogs Gay

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Alex Jones just can’t stop talking about gay frogs.

The far-right conspiracy theorist has revived one of his most notorious beliefs, claiming in a video for InfoWars that the U.S. government is creating homosexual amphibians.

“Gay frogs are real!” he says in a typically outlandish segment of The Alex Jones Show. “Due to clips of me talking about it they’re admitting that the majority of frogs in most areas of the United States are now gay. They don’t choose females, they go over to the male and then they go and live together.”

Jones adds that science fiction author Aldous Huxley predicted this in his 1932 classic Brave New World: “They’re putting chemicals in the food and water, and you look at men and women and you can’t tell what’s what most of the time!”

The influential figure, whocounts the sitting president as a fan, has been peddling this theory since at least 2010.

In a YouTube clip that has since been removed, Jones alleged that the government isencouraging the spread of homosexualitythrough a “chemical warfare operation.” At the time, he claimed to have documents in his possession that prove the government is poisoning the water “with chemicals so people don’t have children.”

To prove his assertion, Jones sliced open a box of juice during the broadcast, in order to show the “estrogen mimickers” tucked away inside. He said that these invisible chemicals are designed to feminize little boys and turn them into girls.

“After you’re done drinking your little juices, you’re ready to go out and have a baby,” Jones said. “You’re ready to put makeup on, you’re ready to wear a short skirt.”

He also thinks potato chips make you gay.

These aren’t the only ridiculous statements Jones has made about the LGBTQ community. The right-wing figurehead, who claims to have predicted the September 11 attacks, has alleged thatthe Pentagon is testing a “gay bomb”to use in the Middle East conflict. He said it releases pheromones that compel Iraqi insurgents to have sex with each other.

Jones has also claimed that “nellies”a derogatory slur aimed at effeminate gay menarekidnapping children from heterosexual couplesand went on a transphobic rant about Rachel Maddow.

The hostrecently settled out of courtwith the yogurt maker Chobani after he claimed the company was “caught importing migrant rapists.” As part of the court agreement, Jones was forced to retract the statement. His attorney would go on toclaim in a custody disputethat Jones is a “performance artist” and “playing a character.”

Editor’s Note: Jones’ gay frog claimwhichhas been firmly debunkeddid not state whether there areamphibian tops and amphibian bottoms.

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