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Ask June: Sexual Repair

The apartment complex where I live has ten-star reviews when it comes to maintenance. I’ve had some major repairs, like replacing both the water heater and the whole air conditioning unit. For those, they send a really nice older guy with years of experience, who shows up in an old t-shirt and jeans. The easier jobs are left to the newbies. They show up in uniforms.  

You’ve seen them, with those extra-medium shirts and hella tight polyester shorts. They top it off with the matching hat and work brogans. The uniform is a key starter to many fantasies. He showed up, but the uniform definitely was not wearing him.  It was tight in all of the right places. Nice, muscular build but not too bulky. He was average height, just slightly taller than me. He was sporting starter locs that had just dropped below his ear and a smile that I readily returned.  

It was open and trusting and I knew that I was going to step heavily into another well-known cliche: the repairman fantasy.  

It was tight in all of the right places.

The repairman fantasy goes a bit like this with some variation.  Something in the house is on the fritz. A repairman (yes, it could also be a repairwoman or repair-person, it’s a fantasy, do what you like) is called to fix the thing. The housewife is home in her skimpy wardrobe. She wears a lacy silk robe because she had no idea when to expect the person’s arrival, so she’s just out of the shower or just waking up. The repair guy rings the bell and as she peeps through the peephole, she sees that the repair guy is very sexy. He’s in full uniform with a badge and great teeth.  There may even be a tool belt around his waist. Nonetheless,  he’s dripping BDE also known as big d!ck energy.  She welcomes him in and leads him to the appliance or whatever needs to be repaired. She then excuses herself to find something more appropriate to wear. 

Sometime later, she reappears to check on his work. She’s giving off all kinds of horny vibes and there’s mad sexual energy bouncing between the two of them. She compliments his efficiency and he complements her good taste. 

Their eyes lock and the 1970’s porn music begins.  Bow chicawow-wow! 

They take each right then and there, most likely starting against the appliances. Then they move to the wall, and finally, the floor.  

It’s a whirlwind affair.  

He: confounded by his level of attraction. She: starved for sex, having not had it in a long time. A long time can vary from days, weeks, or even years. And yes, there are some very lucky individuals out there who don’t know what its like to either want to or have to wait for the next person to get busy. Good for you! But there are some of us out here waiting and the level of horniness is on ten. In the fantasy, it’s been a long time, and she finds no reason to say no.  

The experience I had was somewhat similar to this. He arrived in the cutest all-black uniform, his locs covered by the company hat. It was my showerhead that was broken. I could still take a shower, but had to adjust the nozzle with a screwdriver.  

The attraction was off the charts.  I really appreciated his commitment to the job and getting it done. 

I know what you’re thinking: what’s the big deal? I’m somewhat of a germophobe, so being clean and having a shower on the daily is an absolute must. Thanks to COVID-19, my phobia is also on ten. I have a full supply of Lysol, antibacterial wipes and masks that will last me a week before I have to buy new ones.  

So yeah, the shower working was a big deal to me. For whatever reason, he couldn’t fix it the first day. It was late in the afternoon, close to five o’clock, quitting time. Even still, he left to go to the shop and get the right piece to fix it. Not twenty minutes later, he returned with two options for the shower. Oddly, neither of those was the right one either. We shared a short conversation about random things. We lingered in each other’s company until he had to leave to turn the truck in. The attraction was off the charts.  I really appreciated his commitment to the job and getting it done. 

He promised to come back first thing the next morning. No cap, I thought about him all night. At 9am sharp the next day he was knocking on my door as promised. He got major points for doing what he said he would. This time he had the right part and fixed it in minutes.  

As for me, well let’s just say he was a “knee dropper” and repaired me, too.♦

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