Boyfriends StanChris and Bret LaBelle have a sweet, blunt message for their haters

Gay couple StanChris and Survivor alum Bret LaBelle have made waves on social media in recent months for sharing images of their lives together.

What seems to bother quite some people is the age gap. There are 27 years between the 50-year-old LaBelle and twinky YouTuber StanChris, 23.

In a new Instagram posting on their joint account, they posted a response to their haters.

Boyfriends Bret LeBelle and StanChris
(Photo reproduced with permission)

The first image shows them wearing pajama bottoms and standing in front of a Christmas tree. A second image shows them passionately enjoying a kiss.

Boyfriends Bret LaBelle and StanChris
(Photo reproduced with permission)

They captioned the images: “This kiss is for all the haters 💕😘 It’s our life and we will love who we want to. Thank you to all our supporters❤️”

The post has had over 36,000 likes and prompted hundreds of comments. Many were supportive.

“Live your life however you want with whoever you want!” said one person.

Another said, “If the two of you are happy – what difference does it make what the rest of the world thinks? There will always be those who feel they have the right to judge when, in reality – they have too much time on their hands.”

However, predictably, it also prompted a flurry of negative feedback.

“Nahh bro old enough to be your father that grown ass man should know better but yk the law says it’s okay 🤷🏼‍♂️💀”

In another recent video, Chris revealed he and Bret are confused for father and son often when out shopping. It happened again recently when they went to buy their Christmas tree.

@stanchrissss why does this keep happening #greenscreen ♬ original sound – stanchris

How they met

LaBelle, 49, featured in The Amazing Race but is better known for his stint on a 2016 season of Survivor (Millennials vs. Gen X). Although appearing at first to be a stereotypically loud, beer-drinking, sports-loving police officer, he surprised many by coming out as gay during the show’s run.

He is now a Lieutenant in the Boston Police Department.

StanChris (real name Chris Stanley) has picked up over a million followers across social media platforms. He often posts videos where he questions people on the street or larks around with fellow twinks.

They met after DM’ing each other on Instagram a couple of years ago.

Although a 27-year-age gap is unusual, many of the couple’s followers have shared their own stories about being in large age-gap relationships. And as another recent video posted by Chris suggests his parents are supportive of it (or we presume they wouldn’t have appeared in the TikTok).

@stanchrissss my parents confronted my BF 😳 #couple #parents #boyfriend ♬ original sound – Blameitonkway
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