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Gen Z is Leading the Queer Dating Revolution, According to Tinder

In addition to putting the olds to shame on everything from politics to art, Gen Z is queering the landscape across the dating world. According to Tinder’s second annual Future of Dating Report, more than half the users on the app are 18-25-year-olds, and of these, LGBTQ+ members are the fastest growing community—nearly doubling in number over the past two years.

Because Tinder is consistently the most downloaded dating app in the world, the habits of its users can say a lot about the future of queer online dating. For one, same-sex couples are more likely to report meeting online, considering the apps make it easier to find people outside of their social circle. In particular, 1 in 3 queer women have reported meeting on Tinder.

Dating apps can also play a major role in identity and self-expression. Responding to a survey of 4,000 actively dating singles, Gen Zers reported a more fluid approach to their identity in general. 33% of respondents said that their sexuality has become more fluid and 29% said their gender has become more fluid over the past three years.

Based on profile activity, Tinder found that 30% more users are identifying with gender identities beyond male or female since 2021. Non-binary identities, meanwhile, have increased 104% within the last year.

Tinder has also become a common platform for coming out, with 54% of Gen Z users saying they were out on a dating app before they came out in person. To better help newly out users communicate, Tinder has introduced a series of LGBTQ+ profile badges in time for Pride month.

The “My First Pride” profile sticker is designed to make it easier for Pride babies to find each other and have a great first experience. In addition, there are four other new profile stickers users can take advantage of—“Came Out Online,” “Proud Ally,” “Save Queer Spaces,” and a simple “Happy Pride.”

“Our LGBTQIA+ members aged 18-25 have more than doubled in the last two years, and the community is the fastest growing population on Tinder,” Tinder Chief Marketing Officer Melissa Hobley said in a press release. “We’re so honored to play a role in their journey from coming out to finding community, and are committed to creating more inclusive ways to make the authentic connections we know today’s daters value most.”

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