Queering Sex Ed

The It Gets Better Project is Busting Sex Myths with Queer Sex Ed

When the It Gets Better Project started, the focus was on showing queer kids that they had a bright future waiting for them. Today, the project is taking on a new challenge facing young LGBTQ+ Americans.

The goal of the newly-launched Queer Sex Ed series is to bust myths, specifically as they pertain to sexuality. Gen Z is the queerest generation on record, but as we’ve seen throughout the year, that can create a backlash that ends up hitting queer kids and teens the hardest. From anti-trans bills and laws centered around education and access to outdated “abstinence-only” education, today’s youth are facing unique obstacles around accessing information and care through schools. As of today, sex education is only a mandatory health requirement in 17 states. Even in those states, there’s no guarantee that queer kids will come out of sex ed courses with any understanding of their own bodies, identities, or histories. 

Luckily, there’s the Internet. The It Gets Better Project teamed up with Melina Gaze (cofounder of Vulgar) and Dr. Lexx Brown-James (founder of The Institute for Sexuality and Intimacy) to release a five-part video project that features in-depth conversations from the community, from today until November 16th.

The videos take on a diverse array of topics, including sex in the media, porn, self-pleasure, relationships, sexuality and disability justice, and sexual health.

The series comes with a free, downloadable educational guide to help queer and questioning young adults learn about their sexuality without having to depend on outdated or abstinence-focused sex ed courses in school. 

“This new series is a bold and intimate look into how folks within our community first learned about sex and dives into conversations that we normally have amongst our friend groups in private,” said Eboni Munn, the It Gets Better Project’s Director, Brand Marketing, Content & Creative. “What makes Queer Sex Ed so special is that it provides an in-depth look into the conversations happening in our living rooms or at our kitchen tables with close friends and it leaves takeaways for our viewers to ask questions and/or reignite conversations within their own circles.”

Check out the first installment of Queer Sex Ed below:

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