and they were roommates

Here’s the wild reason why people think John Mayer and Andy Cohen are dating

Is a certain Bravo host indulging in Taylor Swift’s incredibly sloppy seconds? It’s possible…technically.

After Monday’s taping of “Watch What Happens Live,” Internet detectives everywhere have been feeling their spidey senses tingling over the plausible yet ridiculous notion that Cohen and Mayer—who are, in fact, roommates who recently purchased a house together—are secretly dating. And you know what? I don’t hate it.

Yes, men can be close friends, but holding hands at a Pride parade and moving in together? That’s some next-level friendship. Cohen even went on record this summer while recording an episode of The Howard Stern Show. He told the host that he was “in love” with John Mayer. He even said years ago that he wanted to “make a child” with Mayer.

Now, once again, men can express strong feelings of friendship for each other without it being gay. Then again…fellas, is it gay to be in love with your best friend?

The phrase “and they were roommates”—referring to the tendency of past obituaries and history books to refer to gay couples as simply sharing a home platonically—has never felt so cheekily apt. When Taylor Swift wrote that Mayer was “expert at keeping the lines blurry” in “Dear John,” exactly what lines was she talking about?

More as this story develops…

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