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Millennials Love Anal Sex More Than We Thought

Millennials love Disney movies and ending their texts with “lol”. Oh, and they love anal.

A new survey from the queer woman and nonbinary-focused dating HER, highlights that bottom play is top of mind for queer millennials. HER’s ANALysis determined that half of their survey respondents tried anal play/sex (51.4%), with 30.5% of queer folks actively engaging in anal acts. A deeper diver by generation showed that millennials were regularly participating in anal activity over other age groups.

Further research showed that an overwhelming 81.3% of respondents tried anal fingering, with 44.8% stating that fingering was the most pleasurable act. We just recommend you properly stretch your fingers first before engaging in serious activity. 

But that’s not all anal fans are doing.  55.3% have either tried or regularly partake in rimming, or analingus, if you will. Others are taking matters into their own hands, or toys, with 30.8% stating that they’ve tried pegging. 

However, there seems to be a top shortage. 56.9% of respondents stated that they had never attempted being a penetrative partner and only 14.8% of survey takers said that they’re actually givers. 

When you consider that survey takers who gave bottoming a go were 48% more likely to orgasm than folks who were only working with digits and fingering, you’d imagine more people would conduct booty business. Granted, some respondents did state that they stay away from anal activities due to pain (28.6%) or poop (51.7%). 

But a healthy diet rich in fiber, douching (if it’s needed), plenty of lubricant, and tons of patience can turn stress and mess into pleasure and peace of mind. Influencers like The Bottom’s Digest and Dr. Carlton have plenty to say on the topic, but you can also turn to HER’s “sexperts” for more info on how to make your next trip to “Peach PoundTown” perfect. 

Ease your way into the rest of HER’s anal play findings here

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