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This Queer Train Wedding is Guaranteed to Brighten Your Day

Trans writer and gaming journalist Laura Kate Dale has always loved trains. Being on the autism spectrum means that a love of trains (sometimes) comes with the territory, even if some folks view it as an outdated cliche. But honestly, there’s just something about a train that feels exciting, romantic, and fascinating all at once. So when Dale met her partner, fellow trans creator Jane Aerith Magnet-Dale on a train platform years ago, she knew that no wedding but a train wedding would do when the time came to tie the knot.

Sadly, last year was a year of frustrating postponements for couples trying to get hitched. Originally slated for 2020, Dale and Magnet-Dale’s wedding had to be postponed indefinitely once the virus hit. For awhile, it looked like an onboard train wedding was out of the question. 

And then, a miracle happened. 

Laura Kate Dale entered a Twitter contest established by a train company, expecting nothing to happen. When she learned she’d won a free trip two weeks ago, she and Magnet-Dale wasted no time. Yesterday, they tied the knot on a first-class train compartment journeying between London and Birmingham.

“My wife and I have been waiting to get married for a while we’ve had a lot of paperwork, hurdles that have slowed that down,” Dale told the BBC. “I wanted to get married on a train specifically because trains are wonderful. I’m a little bit obsessed with them.”

There was an added significance to the choice of railway: it was the same one on which Dale and Magnet-Dale met for their first date, which they took to a gaming convention in Telford. The two have “barely left the house” since the start of the pandemic, so the chance to celebrate in such style added a special touch to the proceedings. 
And let’s not forget the best part: the train-shaped cake!

Honestly, this is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen and we needed this. 

Come to think of it, why don’t more weddings take place on trains? 

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