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Could a “Straight” Version of Grindr Exist? Twitter Weighs In.

Straight people: are they okay? Do they know how to have sex? Are they even real? These are just a few of the tantalizing questions that have been circulating around the queer community since time immemorial. Straight culture is in many ways a baffling thing, and I, for one, will probably never quite understand it.

But that doesn’t stop me from wondering.

I’m not the only one: today on Twitter, the always-excellent poster @itsjacksonbbz posed a question that has folks talking: could straight people ever have their own version of Grindr?

It’s a headscratcher for sure: on the one hand, why wouldn’t they be able to have their own version of a casual hookup app? On the other hand, straight cis men are notorious for ruining everything, so even if such an app did indeed exist, would it self-destruct in precisely three minutes?

All I know is that Twitter had a lot to say about the potential of such an app.

Some are saying that Feeld, which is a dating app for people who already have a primary, could be a contender:

Tinder isn’t making the cut.

The twist? Grindr wanted to make a straight app to launch alongside its main product. Its title? “Blendr.”

It brought users to the question: can straight people develop a true cruising culture?

Somebody said it…

Let’s be real: the straights are simply not mature enough…yet.

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