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The gays are asking: How should you compliment a guy when flirting?

You’ve found a cute guy on a dating app. You want to hit him with a cute pet name — something flattering, but not too forward. Something to show you’re interested, but that he won’t take the wrong way. What’s the perfect nickname that rides those fine lines?

That’s the question gays are currently debating on the internet, with every potential pet name having its pros and cons.

The discourse began with a question posted to X: “What are u supposed to call dudes when ur flirting with them?” one user asked, before listing some examples and why they didn’t quite fit the bill. “‘Prettyboy’ feels too feminine and ‘cutie’ sounds infantilizing but ‘handsome’ sounds stupid.”

That user was met with a wave of responses, each with their own take on what they like to call (or be called by) other guys.

Some thought that typical masculine forms of address — bro, big guy, or “big dog,” to quote Tiger Woods — were flirty enough, coming from the right person.

Others suggested the opposite, saying more feminine terms of address were more endearing.

Some disagreed with the original poster’s opinion that “handsome” is a stupid pet name. It may be corny (as is “stud,” some would say), but that doesn’t mean it won’t work on some guys.

One user suggested personalizing the pet name based on a physical feature. If you love their blue eyes, why not turn it into a nickname?

A common theme, though, is that different compliments will work for different people — and send different messages. Take one guy who says he’d take being called “prettyboy” as an insult, only to be met with replies saying they love the name.

Ultimately, guys like getting compliments, no matter what they are. It might take trial and error to find one that fits, but when it comes flirting, it can be the thought that counts.

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