The gays are asking: what’s your biggest turn on?

Whether you love thick thighs, harnesses, or wax play, it’s no secret that everybody’s different when it comes to the bedroom. Some people get their rocks off by engaging in a bit of roleplay, while others just want to get choked. Fair enough! But when it comes to the wide range of kinks our lovely community engages in, there are always a few surprises. Some kinks are kinkier than you’d expect, while others are much sweeter and softer than you’d imagine.

When the folks over at the subreddit r/gaybros asked about everyone’s biggest turn-ons, it unleashed a pretty wide swath of kinks in the comments. “The roleplay of getting pregnant or getting my bottom pregnant is a massive turn on for me,” wrote the original poster about his pregnancy fetish.

“I love being called a good boy,” wrote one commenter with a praise kink. “Turns me on instantly.”

Others chimed in with their own kinks, which ranged from orgasm control to voyeurism to what one poster simply referred to as “ARMPIT.”

But there were some unexpected entries, too. “Emotional availability,” wrote one poster. “8 hours of uninterrupted sleep,” wrote another.

Noisy bottoms who moan a lot, a hairy bush, multiple partners at once, pup play, leather, and mirrors were also given honorable mentions.

And we can’t forget those who love a certain sticky substance that shall go unnamed. There were plenty of public sex lovers, folks who got off on underwear, and others who only needed to smell certain parts to stand at full attention.

What can we say: it’s a wide, wild world of kink out there, and that’s nothing short of glorious.

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