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“Wednesday’s” Hunter Doohan Talked About Meeting His Husband and It’s So Sweet

Out actor Hunter Doohan has skyrocketed to international fame for his role on Netflix’s hit Addams Family spinoff series Wednesday. In the midst of a whirlwind press tour, Doohan recently sat down to discuss how he met his now husband, film producer Fielder Jewett.

On Wednesday, Doohan plays Tyler Galpin, a barista who befriends Wednesday Addams and also happens to be the son of the local town sheriff. Prior to this role, he had starred in Showtime’s Your Honor alongside Bryan Cranston.

During an interview with KeepIt!’s Ira Madison III and Louis Vitrel, Doohan described the complex nature of the show’s many plot points, mentioning that his husband was still surprised despite knowing the story ahead of time. Virtel picked up on this to say that he has known Jewett for years and is consistently impressed by his intimate knowledge of Hollywood pop culture.

“He’s kind of a big everything dork,” Doohan concurred. “He’s always reading and watching stuff. We’ll go to trivia nights and I just kind of sit there and smile and watch him win the game for us.”


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Doohan went on to recall that they met through Tinder. “We met in like 2015 and then got engaged during the pandemic,” he said. “The pandemic was great for me because I’d been off shooting Your Honor for six months in New Orleans.

“So I came back and all of a sudden we got to spend time together. We had so many friends that either broke up or got married during the pandemic or had a baby.” When they married in June of this year, Bryan Cranston officiated the wedding.

Later in the podcast, Doohan unpacked the rollercoaster ride of fame he’s been on since Wednesday debuted barely a month ago. “We knew it would have the Netflix effect,” he said. “But people kept saying that to me when Your Honor happened—’Your life’s about to change!’ And then it really didn’t that much day to day, so I didn’t really believe them this time around.

“[Wednesday] was so much more popular than we expected the show to be. So it’s been really strange to get recognized basically everywhere we go now.”

Speaking on the queer implications of the series, Doohan told INTO earlier this month, “I hope queer audiences will just feel seen by this story. That it’s about outcasts, and it’s about not closing in and just being with yourself—to allow people in. Wednesday has to go through that throughout the season.”

Since its debut, Wednesday has become Netflix’s second most popular English-language series. A second season renewal is rumored to be announced early next year.

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