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You’ll Never Guess Which Nonbinary Icons are Now Dating

· Updated on December 14, 2021

Let’s be real for a minute: you can’t call yourself nonbinary unless you carry a burning, passionate hatred for at least one of the handful of famous nonbinary people out there. Whether you’re anti-Demi (how dare you), simply can’t handle Jacob Tobia’s schtick, or will literally jump off a roof if yet another gorgeous rich celebrity comes out as genderqueer/pan/NB, congratulations, you’re in the club. Take a seat and drink deeply from your cup of haterade, because this tale is for you. 

This weekend, the Internet was both thrilled and annoyed to realize that nonbinary influencer and activist Alok Vaid-Menon and nonbinary singer-songwriter Sam Smith are apparently…a thing? 

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I mean, it makes complete and perfect sense. For the two people who represent the shallowest kind of nonbinary acceptance to fall in love and become a unit…I mean, it’s preordained, in a way. And yet we’re still going to find ways to be fucking assholes about it! At least I personally will! 

This definitely isn’t the first time Sam Smith and Alok Vaid-Menon have been seen together, but the latest post implies that a romantic relationship may be in the cards. The two attended that god-awful Judy Garland biopic two years ago and have been seen hanging together at the gym in recent years. 

It’s looking PRETTY cozy between these two they-cons. Also, as Meredith Talusan pointed out a few years ago, it’s hard for famous nonbinary folks (I mean, all nonbinary folks tbh) to date because a lot of people are dumb and have no idea what nonbinary means. So yes, this is cute and sweet and also insufferable. It’s all those things at once, because binary thinking is not it. Congrats Sam and Alok, please don’t invite any of us to the wedding.

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